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11 Dollar Store Hacks for Garage Organization

11 Dollar Store Hacks for Garage Organization

If you have a garage, organizing it can be a difficult job. Garage organization can even be expensive at times, but with the dollar store, it doesn’t have to be!

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1. Garage organization starts with hooks.

Hooks are your friend when it comes to garage organization. If you have hooks on your wall, you’ll be able to hang up some of your tools. You can also use the hooks to make a spot for your shovels, brooms and more. As long as you make sure you get the thick hooks from the dollar store and you secure them into a stud, you should be able to hang up something as heavy as a bicycle!

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2. Use hardware kits from the dollar store.

The dollar store generally sells hardware kits. While these kits are sometimes limited to things like picture hangers, you might be able to find more heavy duty ones at your dollar store. The kits are great as starter items if you’re in a new home and it’s your first garage.  You can even use the boxes they come in to keep your hardware organized!

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3. The dollar store sells matching toolsets.

If you’re all about making your garage look more organized, matching tools are a necessity. You can hang the matching tools on wall peg boards or any other area in the garage for a look that comes together nicely. It will also be easier to organize your tools when you have the same style.

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4. You can use locker bins to store some tools.

Locker bins are great for keeping some small tools. You can make a bin for hammers, screwdrivers or even small electric tools like drills. These bins are really helpful for garage organization if you don’t have a traditional toolbox (because those are really expensive).

5. Mason jars are great for extra paint.

If you have extra paint after a project, it might not be the best idea to keep it in the can. Cans can get gummy quick, are super sensitive to temperature and take up a lot of space. Saving just a little bit of your leftover paint in a mason jar is a great way to hang onto it for touch-ups without giving up valuable space in your garage.

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6. Take advantage of small storage from the dollar store.

The dollar store is filled with garage organization ideas. You can get a lot of different containers that can help you store small items like nuts, bolts and screws. No matter how big your hardware is, you might be able to find containers to keep it in at the dollar store!

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7. Laundry baskets are perfect for extension cords.

If you have a lot of extension cords but never know where they are, you need to do something about that! The dollar store has round laundry baskets that are the perfect size for storing extension cords. Keeping them rolled up in the baskets can also help prevent them from getting tangled too!

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8. Use metal pie plates to store saw blades.

Most of the pie plates at the dollar store are made of aluminum which makes them so easy to cut in half. Buy one or two and cut them in half. Screw them to the wall and store your saw blades in them. You’ll never have to make a second trip to the hardware store because you can’t find the right saw blade again!

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9. A dollar store ball and some string can save you hundreds of dollars.

It’ll save you so much money, seriously. If you park your car in the garage, you might be familiar with hitting the back wall. You can purchase expensive garage guides, but this will do the same exact thing:

  • Pull your car in how you want it.
  • Tie a foam ball to the end of a string.
  • Get on a ladder and position the string above the front of your car.
  • You’ll want someone on the ground to tell you when the ball is touching the front of your car.
  • When it’s there, secure the string to the ceiling.
  • Now, when you pull into the garage, drive your car into the ball instead of the wall.
  • Easy. Hundreds of dollars saved from not scraping the paint on your car or making dents in your wall!

10. Shoe organizers work great for spray paint.

Use shoe organizers and zip ties to hang spray paint in your garage. This will keep it off the floor and will allow you to find it exactly when you need it instead of having to search through the messy garage! Two normal-sized spray paint cans will fit in each shoe slot.

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11. Use dollar store duct tape for bike parking spots.

If you have a problem with your kids not putting their bikes, scooters and other toys back, creating parking spots for them might be helpful! Use dollar store duct tape for this garage organization idea. Line the bikes up the way you want them and let the kids know where each bike or toy will “park” when they’re done.

Do you have any dollar store garage organization hacks? Let us know in the comments!

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