Low Income Home Loans and Programs in Georgia

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

If you want to buy a house with low income in Georgia, there is help available to you! There are many programs that will assist you with tax reductions, down payment assistance and so much more. You can become a Georgia first time homebuyer!

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Since there are several different types of assistance for low-income home buyers in Georgia, we’ve tried to organize this list by type as much as possible.

Georgia first time homebuyer programs are available.

The Georgia first time homebuyer Dream Homeownership program can help you with mortgage rates and lending assistance. You can apply for the program through the community assistance office in your county.

If you only have fair credit and you want to buy a home, you could still qualify for the USDA loan. This loan could help you pay for your home. It does not have high credit score requirements and could actually allow you to get a home without a down payment. The loan is intended for rural areas of Georgia. Not everyone will qualify for the program.

The Community Home Investment Program could help you with your homeownership. The community investment allows those who qualify the chance to get the home of their dreams with very little money down. The program could also help you with a lower interest rate.

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The Habitat for Humanity might be able to help if you’re a Georgia first time homebuyer. You will need to help the Habitat volunteers build the house and that will count toward some of the payments for the house. The house may not be completely paid off, but you could qualify for a low-interest mortgage as a part of the Habitat’s initiative. You can apply through the Habitat for Humanity to see if you qualify.

Some counties in Georgia could help Native Americans and other protected Americans with homeownership vouchers. These vouchers can help you get a home or land to build your home.

While it takes more than learning about how you can get a home, counseling could help you learn how to qualify for a home even if you have low income. The Georgia counseling programs can teach you how to save money, how to make sure you’re ready for homeownership and prepare for other things that could help you.

Georgia first time homebuyer programs for Veterans

The ANDP Veterans Program provides veterans with affordable homes and down payment assistance. To qualify, you must select from the list of available homes and lenders here.

Counties also offer Georgia first time homebuyer assistance programs.

Cities and counties may offer programs if you’re a Georgia first time homebuyer. These programs allow you to get lower rates and options while also allowing the cities to make things more beautiful and revitalized.

Athens and Clarke Counties

The Athens and Clarke County housing authorities might be able to help if you want to become a Georgia first time homebuyer. The down payment assistance programs they offer could help you pay for a portion of your down payment. The assistance comes in the form of a grant that works with many different mortgage options.

Clayton County

If you’re a Georgia first time homebuyer in Clayton County, you might be able to get help through the stabilization program. You might have to meet certain requirements like having a minimum credit score, a stable job and other financial requirements.

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Cobb County

First time home buyers in Cobb County could get help with down payment assistance. The program may provide as much as 15% of the down payment to those who qualify. You will need to apply through the housing authority in Marietta to learn more about the program and find out if you qualify.

Dekalb County

The Dekalb County community development might be able to help those who are in need of help with their down payment. The program allows those who qualify the chance to make sure they’re getting the easiest down payment help possible. If you’re a Georgia first time homebuyer, the program might be able to give you a lower down payment on your Dekalb County home.

Fulton County

Those who are in Fulton County can get help with counseling and their down payment. The program is intended for low to moderate income individuals considering buying a home in Fulton County.

Gwinnett County

Are you in Gwinnett County and trying to be a Georgia first time homebuyer? There are programs available for you! Gwinnett offers down payment assistance and a stabilization program for first-time buyers in the county. You must meet all the requirements for the stabilization program. It can help you get a house for a much lower price than the average in the area!

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