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Florida First Time Home Buyer? You Can Get Help!

Florida First Time Home Buyer? You Can Get Help!

If you want to buy a house with low income in Florida, there is help available to you! As a Florida first time home buyer, there are many programs that will assist you with tax reductions, down payment assistance and so much more!

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Since there are several different types of assistance if you’re a Florida first time home buyer, we’ve tried to organize this list by type as much as possible.

Down payment assistance programs are available if you’re a Florida first time home buyer.

Florida Assist Loan Program provides down payment assistance if you’re a Florida first time home buyer in the form of a 0 percent interest second mortgage. You don’t make monthly payments on this loan. However, you will need to repay it when you pay off your primary mortgage or move out of your home.

HFA Preferred PLUS Grant provides a non-repayable grant of up to 3 percent of the purchase price of your home. This is only available with the FHA Preferred PLUS loans (see ‘First Time Homebuyer Programs,’ below).

The USDA mortgage is great for low-income residents who might not have perfect credit or a ton of money saved up for the mortgage. By providing a Florida first time home buyer with a zero-down mortgage, the program could help you get into a home with very little money upfront. The catch? You must meet specific financial requirements and you must purchase your home in a rural area.

Here are first-time homebuyer programs in Florida.

Florida FHA Preferred Conventional Loan Programs are offered to first-time home buyers in Florida. These loans are backed by Fannie Mae and offer reduced mortgage insurance costs.

Mortgage Credit Certificate Program allows first time home buyers in Florida to take advantage of an Annual Federal Tax Credit. This credit can benefit you up to $2,000 per year for every year you pay mortgage interest on the original loan.

Habitat for Humanity works with other Florida first time home buyer programs in the state. The organization provides safe, affordable and new housing for families that are low-income and in desperate need. You must apply for the program through Habitat for Humanity. There is often a waitlist in Florida depending on your area, but you might be able to get help right away. Habitat requires homeowners to help build their home by putting sweat equity into it.

We found programs for veterans & military.

Florida First & Military Heroes Program helps military and active duty personnel obtain a loan at a reduced interest rate. You don’t have to be a Florida first time home buyer to qualify!

A VA-backed loan for a Florida first time home buyer could help you save money on the home buying process. When you’re working with lenders, using the VA guarantee could help you get approved for a bigger mortgage, better rates and even lower down payments. You can also get lower closing costs and no early-repayment fees!

Counties also offer Florida first time homebuyer assistance programs.

Your city or even your county might offer assistance if you’re a Florida first time home buyer. The programs can also help you with down payment assistance, housing vouchers and other options!

The State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program is available to everyone who needs assistance in Florida. The program provides funding to every single county in the state. You could get help with down payments, financial counseling and even mortgage rate assistance using the program. You must visit the correct agency for your county to get assistance.

Alachua County

The Gainesville Housing Division offers assistance if you’re a Florida first time home buyer. You can get help with your down payment, closing costs and even lower mortgage rates.

If you’re a Florida first time home buyer purchasing a home in Alachua County, you might get help from the Alachua County Growth Management. The division works with people buying homes in certain areas of Alachua County to help with growth and beautification efforts.

Florida first time home buyer

Brevard County

Brevard County Housing and Human Services offers down payment assistance. You might be able to get up to a $2,500 grant for your down payment.

The City of Cocoa Housing and Neighborhood Services offers a down payment assistance program. You must be purchasing your home within Cocoa city limits to qualify.

City of Palm Bay Housing and Neighborhood Development provides home buyer assistance and down payment assistance to those who are a Florida first time home buyer.

Broward County

Broward County Housing and Community Development Department offers some assistance programs if you’re a Florida first time home buyer. If you are low-income or you have poor credit, you can use this program to help you qualify for a home in the area.

Broward County Housing Authority could help with closing costs. They offer programs for people purchasing in the county by providing grants for a portion of the closing costs. Depending on the price of your home, the grant could cover it all!

The New Visions Community Development Corp offers assistance for low-income home buyers. You can get help finding a home, with credit counseling and with down payment assistance. New Visions may also be able to connect you with resources to help you in other areas.

Florida first time home buyer in Broward County? If you’re purchasing in any of these cities, you can get help with down payment assistance:

Calhoun County

The Building department in Calhoun county offers some buyer assistance programs. They help with closing costs and down payment for those who qualify.

Charlotte County

Charlotte County Florida first time home buyer programs are available based on a first-come, first-served basis. Since they have limited funding, you might be referred to the Housing Corporation of Charlotte County to get assistance with closing costs and down payments.

Citrus County

The Citrus County Housing Services Division helps some buyers with down payment assistance and mortgage rate assistance. You must apply through the division to get help.

Collier County

The City of Naples could help with down payment assistance. They have several programs for buyers who qualify.

Duval County

The Jacksonville Housing Commission provides down payment assistance. There are limited funds available based so you may want to begin the application process as soon as you know that you’re looking for a home in the city.

Hernando County

Hernando County Housing Authority helps some home buyers with down payment assistance and closing costs.

While the Homes in Partnership program works to provide homebuyer counseling and financial counseling, they may be able to help with some resources to help you pay for your home. You could get assistance with your down payment or direction to an agency that could help you with assistance.

Highlands County

Highlands County Housing helps if you’re a Florida first time home buyer. The program provides down payment assistance and credit toward closing costs.

Hillsborough County

The City of Tampa Housing and Community Development could help with some Florida first time home buyer assistance programs. You might be able to get down payment assistance and closing cost assistance.

The Hillsborough County Affordable Housing Department helps potential home buyers find housing in the county that is affordable and structurally safe. The program might also be able to help buyers find affordable financing for their home purchase.

The Tampa Bay Community Development Corporation provides some assistance with down payment assistance and closing cost assistance. The development corporation also features listings of houses in the area.

Indian River County

The Indian River County Community Development Department provides home buyer assistance to those who qualify. The development department might also be able to help you with your home search and the department could help you find affordable financing options.

Lake County

The City of Leesburg Housing and Economic Development Division can help if you’re a Florida first time home buyer looking for down payment. They have limited funding, so make sure you apply early.

Lake County Housing and Community Development helps some Florida home buyers get the assistance they need through down payment programs. The community development program works with those who are low-income and those who might not have excellent credit scores find the right kind of financing options.

Lee County

Lee County Department of Human Services provides homebuyer assistance. In addition, you might also be able to find help paying your bills, upgrading an existing home and qualifying for other assistance programs.

The Lee County Department of Community Development has a program to increase the quality of the communities in Lee County. You can get help with things like down payment assistance and homeowner counseling services.

The City of Cape Coral helps people moving into the city limits. The programs are intended for low-income individuals who need help finding and securing a home.

Leon County

The City of Tallahassee Neighborhood and Community Services Department might be able to help you find a home and get financing for the home. Even though the department does not give out grants or loans, they can help you connect with other resources that could help you.

Manatee County

The Manatee County Housing and Community Development provides some housing assistance program. They offer free credit and financial counseling. They may also help with a loan for down payment assistance that can be used with several different mortgage programs.

Marion County

The City of Ocala Community Programs Department helps low-income home buyers find the assistance they can use to get help with their home. If you’re a Florida first time home buyer, you might qualify for help through the city of Ocala.

Miami-Dade County

Through beautification efforts and several other things the county offers, you can get help with homebuyer expenses. Each of these agencies also offers down payment assistance grants that could help you get into a home in the Miami area:

Monroe County

Monroe County offers assistance for those looking for homes in the county. They have grant programs that could help you save money on your down payment and your closing costs. These grants are different from loans and can also be used with most mortgages.

Orange County  

The Orange County Housing & Community Development offers assistance to home buyers throughout the county. You must apply for programs to find out which ones you can use when you’re purchasing a house in Orange County. Buyers can also get assistance upgrading their home through the county.

Buying a home in the City of Orlando? You might be able to get help through the city’s development corporation. The programs they offer vary depending on your income and your needs, but you could qualify for 100% down payment assistance!

Osceola County

The Osceola County Housing Office can help you get assistance with down payments. In addition to the state-sponsored options you can get if you’re a Florida first time home buyer, Osceola can help you with a purchase within the county.

Palm Beach County

Need down payment assistance in Palm Beach County? Visit one of these agencies to begin the qualification process and also learn how to get down payment assistance:

Pasco County

The Pasco County Community Development Division can help you save money on your home purchase. The division also works with low and moderate income individuals to help you save money on your home purchase.

Pinellas County

The City of Clearwater helps homebuyers through their assistance program. You might qualify for help with your down payment and closing costs. The city may also help you be able to obtain a better mortgage interest rate.

Pinellas County Community Development Department helps if you’re a Florida first time home buyer get the assistance that will help you save money on your purchase. You can even get a grant to help you save money on your down payment!

Sarasota County

The Sarasota City and County Housing and Community Development helps potential home buyers by providing them with a list of homes at special prices. While they do not offer these homes, they can help you connect with the right people to purchase homes that are below market value.

Seminole County Community Services can help you with down payment assistance. In addition, you can find other resources to help you with food, utilities and other necessities.

St. Lucie County

St. Lucie County’s Community Services Division helps home buyers get assistance for home purchases. They offer down payment grants and can help you pay for closing costs.

The City of Ft. Pierce Community Development Division provides down payment grants for low-income home buyers in the city. In addition, you can also get help with other home purchase assistance programs.

Sumter County

The Sumter County Housing Department might be able to help you through their down payment assistance and closing cost assistance programs. You must qualify for the program before you can get assistance.

Volusia County

The Volusia County Housing Department can help you during your home search. The department also offers information on housing and can provide credit counseling services to those who want to purchase in the area.

The City of Daytona Beach Community Development might be able to help you afford the home of your dreams in the city. You can also qualify for down payment assistance if you meet certain requirements.

The Mid Florida Housing Partnership provides help to some potential homeowners in Florida. You must apply for their program before you can get assistance.

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