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Get a Food Prescription from FreshRx

Get a Food Prescription from FreshRx

FreshRx and other food prescription programs are helping low income Americans get more healthy, nutritious food in their diets. These programs provide literal prescriptions for healthy fruits and vegetables, which can be exchanged for fresh produce from local farmers markets.


This program, and others like it, improve the health of low income Americans while also providing critical support to America’s farmers.

What is FreshRx?

FreshRx is a prescription nutrition program based in Boynton Beach, Florida. This innovative program helps patients who have been told by a doctor that they need to change their diets. Eligible patients can receive a 16-week farm share subscription that provides microgreens, locally grown vegetables that are in season, and other healthy produce.

At the end of the 16 weeks, patients graduate from the program. They can choose to continue their farm share by paying with their EBT benefits. Through the Double Up Food Bucks program, they can double the value of their farm share!

Of course, FreshRx is just one example of these innovative new prescription nutrition programs. We found several of these programs around the country.


Who is eligible for FreshRx?

In order to be eligible for a free farm share through the FreshRx program, you will need to be a patient with a medical condition that would be helped by healthy eating. A doctor must have instructed you to improve your diet.

In addition, the FreshRx program only works with patients who are referred by specific community partners and physicians. You must be working with a case manager, social worker, nurse navigator, or doctor who refers you to the FreshRx program.

If you would like to participate, ask your provider for a referral!

Other Services

In addition to providing a fresh produce prescription program, Fresh Rx is also offering more ways for low income families to access healthy food.

The organization is currently developing a Fresh Rx Express mobile van that will bring healthy produce into low income areas of Palm Beach County.

The organization also hosts a Farm to Kids program that encourages low income children to learn how to garden organically. Children are referred through the Boys & Girls Club of Palm Beach County to get started. The program is provided for free.

Why is this program important?

Healthy eating is linked to all sorts of positive health outcomes but it is very cost-prohibitive for low income families. It can be very difficult for people to purchase healthy fruits and vegetables when they cannot afford them because often, unhealthy food is more affordable.


Programs like FreshRx strives to close the gap and make healthy food more accessible for low income people, especially those that are medically vulnerable.

Understanding the well documented link between one’s health and consuming healthy food; and that un and underinsured individuals often lack access to healthy foods, Fresh Rx offers this program to youth and adults impacted by cancer, heart disease, or neurological disorders. Farm to Patient ensures that immuno-compromised and nutritionally vulnerable patients with limited-to-no financial resources have access to healthy foods.

FreshRx website

By offering this service to those who need it, FreshRx hopes to improve the health and wellness of low income patients in their community.


FreshRx is an important program that promotes healthy food access and improves health outcomes for low income individuals and families. It also helps support farmers by promoting the sale of locally grown produce. Overall, it is a huge win for local communities.

If you’re interested in getting involved with FreshRx or accessing other programs for healthy food, check with your local health clinic or community organizations to learn more.

Cindy Monteith

Monday 5th of February 2024

Hi, I'm in Eugene Oregon and wanted to know if the fresh RX is here in Oregon? If not do you know of anything similar to this in Oregon? Thank you in advance have a beautiful day.

Catherine Marucci

Monday 5th of February 2024

Hi Cindy. Double Up Food Bucks may be a possibility:

Shana, Florida

Wednesday 2nd of August 2023

NICOLE THELIN.!! YOU ARE MY HERO LADY you and yours.I watch you every chance I get.Shared your site with many. Ok ,lol I'm Shana 57 yrs old female and disabled.I have never heard of this program before nutrition Rx What a wonderful program.Definitly talking to Doc.


Thursday 29th of June 2023


Catherine Marucci

Friday 30th of June 2023

Hi Irene. You can ask your doctor for a referral. They may be able to provide it if the program is available where you are.