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Double Your Food Benefits in Kansas & Missouri

Double Your Food Benefits in Kansas & Missouri

Kansas residents can double their SNAP dollars through the Double Up Food Bucks program! When you shop at participating retailers, you can receive extra money to buy locally grown produce. It’s a great way to get more food with your benefits!

What is Double Up Food Bucks?

Double Up Food Bucks is a program that helps Kansas residents stretch their food dollars further while also supporting local farmers. This program provides incentives for shoppers who use their SNAP benefits (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at participating farmers markets and grocery stores. This is sort of incentive program is authorized under federal law and creates a win-win for Kansas shoppers and farmers alike.

The program is fairly straightforward: when you use your EBT benefits at participating retailers, you’re given extra money to purchase produce. The amount you can double depends on where you’re shopping.

How does it work?

The way it works is simple: for every dollar spent on eligible produce with SNAP benefits, the shopper receives an additional dollar in Double Up Food Bucks, up to a certain limit. These Double Up Food Bucks can then be used to purchase more fresh fruits and vegetables, effectively doubling the value of the shopper’s SNAP dollars.

In Kansas and Missouri, it appears that the Double Up benefit is capped at $25 per day. This means that if you spend $1, you’ll get $1 for a total of $2. If you spend $5, you’ll get another $5 for a total of $10. If you spend $25, you’ll get another $25 for a total of $50. But if you spend more than $25, you’ll still only receive a bonus of $25 regardless of how much you’ve actually spent.

All you need to do is bring your SNAP EBT card to a participating location. You’ll receive a dollar-match for your eligible purchases, which you can use to get more food!

Where can I double my benefits?

You can double your benefits at participating locations who have registered with Double Up Food Bucks Kansas to honor these discounts.

There are three distinct networks within the Heartland DUFB network. These networks issue different-colored free tokens that can only be used at locations that issue the same-color token.

  • Purple tokens are issued by participating locations in Kansas City, Kansas and Western Missouri.
  • Aqua tokens are issued in Central and Eastern Missouri.
  • Silver tokens are issued in Springfield, Missouri

Since the hours, dates and times for these markets are ever-changing, it is easiest to find your closest participating market on the Double Up Heartland website.

Grocery Stores

There are also many grocery stores in Kansas and Missouri that honor double up benefits. The way the program works varies slightly by location. Some stores offer a 50% discount on your purchase, while others offer a specific double-up coupon that is printed on your receipt.


At most retailers, the coupon will be printed on your receipt. You will need to bring the coupon back to redeem it on fresh fruit and vegetables, but there should not be any purchase necessary to redeem that coupon since you’ve already earned it with your purchase.

These stores offer a printed receipt coupon when you shop with EBT:

  • G&W Foods (10 locations)
  • Price Chopper (16 participating locations)
  • Sun Fresh (16 participating locations)
  • White’s Foodliner (6 locations)

There are also extra markets in Kansas that use coupons:

  • Checkers Foods (Lawrence, KS)
  • Farmers Market Grocery Store (Witchita, KS)
  • Hired Man’s Grocery (Conway Springs, KS)
  • Kinsley Food Pride (Kinsley, KS)
  • The Mildred Store (Mildred, KS)
  • Mize’s Thriftway (Clearwater, KS)


These retailers offer an immediate 50% discount on eligible fresh fruit and vegetables when they are purchased with a SNAP EBT card. You don’t have to redeem any coupons, it just happens automatically at checkout.

  • Harps (3 locations)
  • Town & Country Supermarkets (29 locations)
  • Marmaton Market (Moran, KS)
  • City Greens Market (St. Louis, MO)
  • Local Harvest (St. Louis, MO)

Loyalty Card

Other retailers handle the discounts through loyalty accounts. These store rewards cards automatically track your Double Up earnings and purchases so that you don’t have to keep track of paper coupons between purchases.

For example, McCune Farm to Market in McCune, KS has a rewards program that tracks your Double Up dollars. You will need to register for the rewards program to receive a personalized account number. This account will track the dollars you earn and spend through this program.

The stores that use rewards tracking include:

  • Hays (2 locations)
  • WH Koch (3 locations)
  • McCune Farm to Market (McCune, KS)
  • Ron’s Supermarket (Pittsburg, KS)

Don’t forget your EBT discounts!

You can get more than just free produce with your EBT card! We’ve found some truly incredible discounts in Kansas and Missouri, too!

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