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Get Free Books from Dolly Parton!

Get Free Books from Dolly Parton!

Are you ready to get free books from Dolly Parton? This incredible program has provided millions of free books to children all around the world and we’ll show you how to sign up!


I’ve seen the Dolly Parton free books meme floating around Facebook for a while now. Although interesting, there’s never any information about how you can actually get those books for your kids. I wasn’t even sure it was legit.

So I did what I do best… and I researched it.


free books dolly parton

It’s true!

Who is eligible for free books from Dolly Parton?

Kids between the ages of birth and 5 years can get free age-appropriate books every month from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library as long as you reside in eligible areas of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.


In the last 20 years, the Imagination Library has sent more than 87 million free books around the world. Now, they’re sending more than a million books each month!

Why does Dolly Parton offer free books?

The program debuted in Sevier County, Tennessee, where Dolly Parton was born and raised by an illiterate father who couldn’t read. In 2000, the program expanded to much of the rest of the United States.

Studies have shown that Dolly’s free book program is helping to improve childhood literacy and vocabularies. Her father, who never learned to read, inspired Dolly to create this program. She said, “I started my Imagination Library in honor of my dad. He didn’t get to live long enough to see it do well, but it’s a wonderful program that I take a lot of pride in.”

She also said, “If you can read, you can educate yourself. Even if you’re not able to afford to go to college, if you can read you can find out about any subject that you’re interested in. And if a book is comin’ to the mailbox every month and it’s got your name on it, then you’re gonna find someone to help you read it to you.”

Ready to sign up?

The first step toward claiming free books for your children is to see if your area is participating with this interactive map.

If the Imagination Library service is available in your area, you will be redirected to the four-step application form.



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Saturday 9th of April 2022

Hi dolly Parton I am a huge fan of yours

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Sunday 9th of August 2020

Hi Nicole ! My name is Vonda Brown an I live in the small town of Iuka, MS. My husband's name is Harold Brown. We both draw checks he draw SSDI and I draw SSI plus we both receive food stamps which is not much by any means we only draw we use to draw when we first moved here was right around $ 200.00 and over the years we have constantly dwindled down to $ 51.00 a month (which you and I both know is no enough fo 2 people. I love your page and I have been finding some great ideas on here, please keep up the good work. I watched several of your videos and I thought I heard you say something about being paid as a live in caregiver (which I am to m husband). I hope to hear from you and some more ideas I don't know about because we struggle every month that comes.