Every year, Low Income Relief helps millions of low income Americans save money, get better jobs, go back to school, get free stuff and generally improve their lives.

Here are some of our most popular posts:

Got EBT? Get Free Stuff!

We’ve found over 450+ discounts and freebies for individuals and families with EBT cards! If you get food stamps, TANF or other EBT benefits, you need to know about these incredible deals. See what’s available in your area now!

FREE Auto Repair (& FREE Cars)

Transportation is a huge issue for low income families. If you need free or low-cost auto repair (or even a free car), then here are some resources that can help!

FREE Cell Phones & Service

Everyone has heard about free government cell phones, right? Well, we’ve got a comprehensive list of providers and plans that you can choose from. You could get a free smartphone and data!

FREE Christmas Gifts

The holidays can be a struggle, especially when you are barely getting by each month. Our research team has been looking for agencies that can help you acquire Christmas gifts and food for free. Some states even have free Christmas trees!

FREE Grocery Coupons

Groceries are expensive – and food stamps never last all month long. If you need to save some money on your food bill, then this is the place to look.

FREE Home Improvements

We’ve found free home improvement and disability modification grants all around the country! These programs can help you rebuild after a crisis, fix a leaky roof or tackle another home improvement problem. Find all the grants and low-cost loans available in your area here.

FREE Internet Service

Internet is expensive. It’s also essential! In today’s world, you need the internet for homework, job applications and so much more. That’s why we’ve found a dozen free and low-cost internet providers for you. Click here to choose the plan that’s best for you!

FREE Movies, Museum Passes & More!

There’s one card that can unlock free movie streaming, free music downloads, free museum passes and more. It might even be in your wallet already! Are you ready to discover all the amazing freebies you can get with a library card? Click here!

FREE National Parks & State Parks Passes

National Parks are expensive – and some state parks can be, too! We’ve investigated all 50 states to find the best ways to save money on National and State Parks passes. You can see what we’ve found here (for National Parks) and here (for State Parks). 

FREE Power Bill Savings

I once had a $3,300 power bill. No joke! It was a nightmare. Fortunately, we were able to find help… and that inspired me to find help for you, too! We’re investigating all of the power companies in the US to find hidden savings programs, free weatherization services and so much more. In some areas, you can even get free upgraded appliances! Check this list for details.

FREE School Supplies

School supplies can cost up to $400 per student or more! We know you don’t have that kind of money laying around each month, so that’s why we went to work to find free school supplies in your area. Just select your state from this list and see what we’ve found!

FREE Veterinary Care

Pets are family… but when your furbaby is sick, you may not be able to afford those costly veterinary expenses. It can be so painful to watch your beloved furry family member suffer. Fortunately, we’ve found dozens of agencies that offer grants and financial assistance when you’re faced with costly veterinary expenses. Here’s the list.

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