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Get Help Paying Your Flint Energies Bill

Get Help Paying Your Flint Energies Bill

Flint Energies customers can get free energy upgrades and help with their power bill! Even if you’re facing service shut-off, you can avoid costly late fees and disconnection with these helpful resources.


Can’t Pay Your Flint Energies Bill? We Found Help!

The LIHEAP benefit helps low-income families in Georgia. You can qualify for the program if you are within poverty limits and if you apply through your local benefits office. Generally, the application period is rolling. It will help you pay for your utility bill during hot and cold months. The benefit will not cover your entire utility bill, but it can be helpful in reducing the total amount you owe each month.

Flint Energies customers have the option of signing up for Smart Select. This program allows you to get credits on your bill. You will receive a $35 credit for signing up and then another one each month in the $20 range. The program uses a smart meter to shut off electric to certain areas of your home during peak usage times. They do not shut your lights off, but will sometimes turn off the cooling unit for your home in a way that is unnoticeable.

As a customer of Flint Energies, you are entitled to capital credits. These credits are given to members when the company does not use all of the money paid in. As a cooperative, you can use these credits how you would like. You may want to check with the company to see if you have any credits available they can apply to your bill to help offset the cost.

Avoid Having Your Flint Energies Electricity Shut Off

Georgia law does not allow a utility company to shut your electric off if the temperature is dangerously low or dangerously high. You may be able to get 30 extra days if it is below 32 degrees or above 80 degrees. Regardless of the weather, those who have a certified medical condition that would require electricity can avoid having their power shut off for an additional 30 days.


The Salvation Army’s Project Share can help you with emergency financial assistance. If you need help paying your Flint Energies bill, they can grant you a voucher that you can then use to put on your bill. You will be required to show a shut-off notice. You can only use this option once per year.

Flint Energies Has Easy Payment Options

The levelized billing program is a monthly average rolling program. It allows you to average out the amount of money you are going to spend each month on your utility bill. Unlike other levelized billing programs, there is no need to level up at the end of the period. You will simply see small changes throughout the year, but the bill will remain close to the same throughout the year.

If you have LIHEAP, you can qualify for a LIHEAP adjustment through Flint Energies. The adjustment can help you save on your overall rate. It can also help you save on connection services and on reconnection services if your electric is shut off.

To help make sure your electric does not get shut off, you might qualify for prepayment. The prepayment will allow your bill to be paid ahead of time. You will need to add money to your account once it dips below a certain level determined by your payment history.

Make Valuable Upgrades to Your Home…For Free!

Flint Energies works with their parent company, Touchstone, to help you save money on your electric bill. The company offers rebates on appliances and light bulbs. They also offer incentives to you for making your home more energy efficient. You can find a convenient free home energy audit on the Flint Energies site.

Georgia’s weatherization assistance program will help with the cost of making your home more energy efficient. The program can help you make your home better able to withstand the heat. It can also help make upgrades to your heating and cooling system.

Other Cool Things Flint Energies Does

As a co-op member, you will get the connections card. It will help you save money on family activities, promotions in your area and can even help you with prescription costs.


Flint Energies awards scholarships to students who show both need and merit. They offer these to help them fund an education that will help them in the energy industry.

Students who perform academically well may be able to get a $25 Walmart gift card from Flint Energies. Flint Energies chooses 10 students who submit their “A” report card and awards them with the gift cards.

The Washington youth tour is a chance for your high school junior to earn a trip where they can learn about energy and the way it has an impact on them. Flint Energies pays for the entire trip to Washington, D.C. for students who are chosen.

Save Even More Money on Your Flint Energies Bill

If you are able to reduce your energy usage, you can save money on your bills. You may find that there are even more things you can do to lower your electric bill.

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