Benefits of Your Touchstone Energy Cooperative Membership

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

If you are a customer of one of the over 700 companies that are a part of Touchstone Energy Cooperative, you may be missing out on benefits you’re entitled to. Along with the benefits of being a part of a cooperative, you can save money in other areas.

Free With Your Membership

Every member of the Touchstone Energy Cooperative family receives a connections card. The card can help you save on restaurants, groceries, prescriptions (up to 46%) and entertainment. 

Although a login is required to see most of the discounts, I was able to confirm that some of the discounts include Six Flags America, Wyndham Hotels and Resort and Hertz Rent-a-Car. Discounts also include 1-800 Flowers, Sprint, Omaha Steaks and so much more.

The card is available to every customer but benefits may vary depending on your location. Some cooperatives may be in locations where you can save more on your groceries while others may be in areas where you can save more on entertainment. The prescription discounts can sometimes be applied in addition to any insurance plans you may have.

You can use your zip code to find out exactly what discounts are available in your area.

People who are members of co-ops that are a part of the Touchstone alliance can also be sure they are having their voices heard. Unlike electric companies, co-ops give their members a voice. You and your fellow members are the ones who are responsible for making changes and getting the most out of the energy they are providing.

Free Analysis Touchstone Energy Cooperative Members

The H.E.A.T. tool allows you to see whether your home is efficient or not. The tools was created to allow members to go through a series of web questions about their home and how it responds in different situations. Once you have used the tool, you can then use the results to see where you need to make upgrades to your home. This can be especially helpful if you are hoping to use a weatherization program.

You can take a Home Energy Adventure through Touchstone Energy. The online guide will take you through a virtual home where you can learn more about how you could save energy in each of the areas of the home. It is helpful because the tips are mostly free things. You can generally start using them right away after going through the Home Energy Adventure.

Safe Electric

Touchstone Energy provides electrical safety resources all members can use. These resources include valuable information you can use to help yourself better understand electric safety. They also include things you can do to ensure your home is as safe as possible. The safety checklist provides you with detailed instructions to go through your home to see how safe your electricity is. It also gives you tips on how to make changes so your home will continue to be safe.

Saving Even More

Members who are a part of the Touchstone family don’t have to rely only on Touchstone Energy to save them money. There are additional tips you can use to help reduce your energy. By making your energy usage even better, you will lower your bill and save money.

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