Save 50% on Amazon Prime w/ EBT or Medicaid!

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2018)

If you’ve got EBT or Medicaid benefits, you can get a HUGE discount on Amazon Prime! It’s just $5.99 instead of the current price of $12.99! That’s less than half price. This is an amazing deal for anyone who receives food stamps or Medicaid benefits!

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Click here to sign up for Amazon Prime!

Please note that the EBT card cannot be used to pay for the membership; it is only used to prove your eligibility for this discount.

This is great news for food stamps recipients because Amazon has announced that it will accept EBT cards as payment for online grocery orders! However, an Amazon Prime membership is required to place those orders.

There is a simple three-step process for getting this deal:

  1. Confirm your eligibility by uploading a picture of your EBT card or Medicaid card.
  2. Sign up for Amazon Prime. You’ll still get a free 30 day trial if you’re a new subscriber!
  3. Start using your Prime benefits.

With your new Amazon Prime membership, you’ll enjoy:

  • FREE two-day shipping on over a million items (and FREE 2-hour delivery with Prime Now)
  • FREE instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows (including Amazon Originals)
  • FREE on-demand, ad-free music streaming with over 2 million songs
  • Discounts on certain items (such as 20% off diaper subscriptions)

However, you will NOT be able to use the household sharing feature that is included with standard Amazon Prime memberships. Amazon Households lets you share Amazon benefits with another adult and up to four children in your household who have their own Amazon accounts. This way, they use their own accounts to access the Prime benefits so your watch lists and other features aren’t combined.

Amazon EBT Medicaid discount

To clarify, you can still use your Prime benefits on any device you want. You just have to use your password and email on each device.

You will have to confirm your eligibility every 12 months to continue to receive this low price. You can participate in this program for up to 4 years (48 months).

I’ve had an Amazon Prime membership for years and I highly recommend it. In addition to saving money on purchases, our family relies on the free movies and TV programs instead of paying for costly TV services.

Click here to sign up for Amazon Prime!

(and then click here to see everything else your EBT card can do!)


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