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Green Mountain Energy: Get the Help You Need Paying Your Bill!

Green Mountain Energy: Get the Help You Need Paying Your Bill!

Have you heard of Green Mountain Energy? If yes, you might be a little confused about what the company actually is. Many people think the company is their utility company, but it’s actually just a company that provides energy to your specific utility company. But, what does that even mean? 


Green Mountain Energy is an energy provider, not a utility.

While you get your electricity from your utility company, it doesn’t come directly from them. Green Mountain Energy is a provider. Companies like Green Mountain Energy provide the energy to your utility company. You might have contact with your provider for customer service and billing questions.

You’ll still need to contact your utility company if you need help.

If you need help paying your bill or if you know you’re going to be late, you still need to contact your utility company. Companies like Green Mountain Energy do not offer assistance services, but your utility might.


What utilities does Green Mountain Power work with?

The energy company has several service areas. While they do not work with all utilities in each of the areas, you might be able to use them as your provider. Need some more help with your bills? Here are the states they serve and what we’ve found in each of them:





New Jersey

New York



Want to save more than just on your rate?

While choosing the best provider that has great rates is one of the easiest ways to save money. We also found some other ways to do it. Check out our favorite tips to save money on your utility bill!


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