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Can’t Pay Your Big Sandy Rural REC Bill? We Found Help!

Can’t Pay Your Big Sandy Rural REC Bill? We Found Help!

If you can’t pay your Big Sandy Rural REC bill, we get it. We’ve been in your spot and know how hard it is to get the help you need. Luckily, we found resources that can help you save money on your bill!


We found help for paying your Big Sandy Rural REC bill!

The LIHEAP benefit helps low-income individuals pay for their electric bills. If you need help paying your bill, LIHEAP can help by providing you with a credit that’s automatically put on your bill. You will need to apply for the program through your local benefits office.

If you have an old refrigerator or freezer, you can get up to $50 for it, depending its condition. Big Sandy Rural REC can give you a credit on your bill for the refrigerator or freezer. They can also help you by giving you a check, that you can then use to pay your bill.


Since you’re a member of a co-op community, you can get capital credits. These credits are a result of the profits the company gets from electric customers. Since it’s a co-op, you can get your share of the profits.

Big Sandy Rural REC offers helpful payment options.

The direct load program helps you lower your bills and usage. The direct load program works by reducing the cycle of your hot water heater and your air conditioner. The company will regularly change the power to the appliances during peak hours. The program works by giving you a credit, lowering your overall usage and helping the company not get overloaded.


Does your bill change a lot from month to month? If your bill is higher in the winter months or summer months, levelized billing can help you save money. The levelized billing program averages out the amount you pay for 12 months at a time. Then, at the end of the 12 months, you will just need to pay any amount above the average you already paid if you used more energy than planned.

Upgrade your home for free and lower your bill.

With Kentucky weatherization, you can save money on your electric bill by getting appliances and other things that are made for energy efficiency. The program helps you by upgrading everything you have so you can make the most out of the energy you use. It is free, but you have to apply for it through a community action program.

Need to know what you need to upgrade? You can take a free energy audit through the company. They even offer professional advice with free energy saving tips.

If you need duct sealing, insulation, or a new heat pump, you might be able to finance it through Big Sandy Rural REC. The company works to provide low-interest rate loans to help you upgrade your home and lower your bill. You can pay the loan back through your electric bill. Remember, this is not a grant, and you will need to pay it back.

If you purchase any new appliances that are energy efficient, you can get a rebate through Big Sandy Rural REC. The company works to provide a set amount on the appliances you purchase for your home.

Big Sandy Rural REC helps the community.

As part of the Touchstone initiative, Big Sandy Rural REC sends high schoolers to Washington, D.C. each year. The company pays for the whole trip and it helps the high schoolers learn about energy and how it relates to politics.

Every year, eight seniors can get a chance at a $1,000 scholarship. The scholarship can help with many different costs for college students. The seniors who get the scholarship must show interest in energy or a field relating to energy.


The Touchstone Co-Op card can help you save on many different things other than your electric. You’ll receive a card with your membership from the company, and it can be used to save money on things other than energy. You can even save a few bucks on your groceries with it!

Use these tips to lower your energy bill.

We found a bunch of ways to help lower your energy bill. Try these tips if you want to save more money on your bill while lowering your energy usage!

Save even more in Kentucky!