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Cheap & Easy Halloween Treats: 8 Delicious DIY Snacks

Cheap & Easy Halloween Treats: 8 Delicious DIY Snacks

We’ve found 10 homemade Halloween treats that are cheap and easy to make! These treats are some of our children’s favorite things during the holiday season.

Cheese broomsticks are delicious!

These three-ingredient cheese broomsticks are adorable and delicious. Simply cut a piece of string cheese into three equal sections. Stick a pretzel rod in one end and flare the other. Tie a chive around the middle for decoration.

Cheese Brooms for

For $7.94, I was able to purchase enough ingredients for 48 broomsticks. Of that price, $1.98 was used for the bag of pretzels I also used for the spider webs (see below).


Vampire donuts include a cheap toy!

These vampire donuts are all over the internet, so of course I had to try them! They were very easy to make.

You’ll need to stretch out the center of the donut and insert the plastic fangs. Add two dots of icing and two chocolate chips for eyeballs.

Donut Vampire for

The price for this treat is difficult to quantify. I spent $3.98 on a dozen donuts and $1 on a pack of twelve fangs ($4.98 total for 12 treats). The icing and chocolate chips were an additional $5.20 on two packs of icing (red and blue) and a bag of chocolate chips. However, those items were used in multiple treats and there was quite a bit left over!

Spider web pretzels look fancy but they’re easy!

This treat is actually very easy to make, even though it looks complicated. You’ll need to place pretzel rods in a star shape. Melt white chocolate chips and pour them into a piping bag to create the web appearance. Top it with a sparkly spider ring from the Dollar Store.

Spider Webs for

I spent $1.74 on white chocolate baking chips and $1 on spider rings. The pretzels I used were $1.98 and used in multiple treats. That’s $4.72 for 24+ treats. I could have made a lot more than I did!

Dipped marshmallows are always a great option!

Marshmallows for

These couldn’t be easier. Just shove a marshmallow on a skewer. Dip it in chocolate. Let it sit for a minute or so, and then dip it in sprinkles. 

I spent $2.89 on the marshmallows and skewers. I bought two bags candy melts, for a total of $4.35. I bought one package of sprinkles that had several varieties. The sprinkles cost $4.88. Altogether, I spent $12.12 for 36 treats.

Clementine pumpkins are healthy!

These pumpkins are made by peeling clementines and inserting a small section of celery as a stalk.

Oranges for

I spent $5 on a bag of clementines and $1.38 for a bunch of celery. That’s $6.38 for about two dozen treats.

Oreo eyeballs can be made at the last minute!

If you need a great last-minute treat, try these Oreo eyeballs! They can be made very quickly.

Just split each Oreo in half. Add a dab of colored icing and a chocolate chip in the center. Ta-da! You’ve made an Oreo eyeball.

Oreo Eyes for

I spent $2.98 on the Oreos. I used the icing and chocolate chips in other treats on this list, but they cost $5.70 total. That’s $8.68 for 45 treats!

Pretzel ghosts are adorable!

Just dip the regular-shaped pretzels into white chocolate. Add two candy eyeballs. Make sure the bottom space isn’t covered in chocolate, so that it looks like an open mouth.

Spider Ghosts for

I spent $1.98 on pretzels and $2.74 on candy eyeballs. I also spent $1.74 on white chocolate, which I used on other treats as well. That’s $6.46 for a lot of treats. I stopped making them long before I ran out of ingredients.

PB&J Spiders make ordinary lunches spooky!

My kids thought this was the most genius thing. We used a round cookie cutter to slice the bread. Then, we slathered on the usual peanut butter and jelly. We used chocolate chips for eyes. Pretzels were added for legs and fangs.

PBJ Spider for

I spent $3.16 on pretzels and chocolate chips. The bread, peanut butter and jelly are standard staples in our house.

What’s your favorite Halloween treat? Let us know in the comments!

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