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Save Money on Your Orange & Rockland Bill!

Save Money on Your Orange & Rockland Bill!

Orange & Rockland is a major power supplier in the greater New York area. They also have customers in New Jersey. No matter which state you live in, we’ll show you how to save money on your monthly utility bill!

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There are many ways you can save money on your Orange & Rockland bill.

It’s important to understand how your Orange & Rockland bill is calculated.

Your monthly utility bill includes charges for basic service, delivery, billing, merchant function, metering, energy cost adjustments, government surcharges, market supply charges and more. You can learn more about all of these charges on the Orange & Rockland website.

You may also incur additional fees if you pay your bill in the wrong ways. If you pay online, you can pay with a bank account or credit/debit card without a fee. If you call in, though, you may be charged an additional fee.

Payment arrangements can help you avoid shut off.

Do you need help with your payments? These programs can help you save money on your Orange & Rockland bills.

Budget Billing can make your bill consistent.

Customers can opt into budget billing, which will average your payments evenly across an entire year. This will ensure that your payments are roughly the same each month. In order to enroll, you must have a 12-month history with the company. The budget billing amount will be periodically reviewed to avoid large over or under payments on the account. At the end of the year, you will have a settlement month where you either receive a credit for your over-payments or you will need to pay the difference. If you owe more than $50, the company can provide a six month payment plan for your deficit.

Bill Extender can adjust your due date.

If you are over the age of 60 and on a fixed income, you may qualify for Bill Extender. This program adjusts your payment due date so that it aligns with your monthly Social Security check. You can extend your due date for up to 45 days with this program.

Get Well First helps if you’ve been hospitalized.

Have you been hospitalized for at least 10 days? If so, you may be able to get an extension on your utility bill through the Get Well First program. This program is designed to help you focus on restoring your health before you have to worry about your utility bills.

Payment Extensions are available to everyone.

You can extend your due date by 10 days if you need to. Just call and ask about the Payment Extensions!

Customized Payment Agreements may be available.

If you have received a disconnection notice, you may be able to get a customized payment arrangement. You should receive a standard payment arrangement offer at least 10 days before your service is disconnected. You can log in and click “Payment Agreement” to see what Orange & Rockland is able to offer.

Need help paying your Orange & Rockland bill? Get help here!

There are many agencies and programs that can help with Orange & Rockland bills. These agencies vary by state, so be sure to check what’s available in your area!

New York Assistance Programs

In New York, you may be able to get assistance from these programs:

Solar for All can provide you with free community solar power! This service provides up to $15 per month in credits on your electricity bill, which can save you money. There are no upfront costs, fees or payments required to participate.

The Neighbor Fund provides emergency home heating grants to customers of Orange & Rockland. These funds do not have to be repaid and do not have any age or income limits. To apply, you will need to contact the Salvation Army offices in Spring Valley, Middletown or Port Jervis.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is a state-funded program that helps low income residents afford to heat their homes. You can receive an annual HEAP benefit payment and emergency HEAP assistance if you are in danger of your utilities being disconnected. Learn more here.

Orange County Fuel Fund can assist families who do not qualify for HEAP. This fund is available to household in Orange County only. Eligible households can receive a one-time payment of $585, which is paid directly to the fuel provider. To apply, you will need to contact the Orange County United Way.

New Jersey Assistance Programs

In New Jersey, you may be able to get assistance from these programs:

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is a state-funded program that helps low income residents afford to heat their homes. You can receive an annual HEAP benefit payment and emergency HEAP assistance if you are in danger of your utilities being disconnected. Learn more here.

Universal Service Fund also provides assistance with utility bills. This program provides a credit toward your bill if you qualify.

New Jersey Lifeline Credit can provide up to $225 per year for those who are over 65, disabled or receiving medical/pharmaceutical assistance.

NJ Shares provides financial assistance to low income Rockland Electric customers who need extra help. The SHARES progrm assists with energy, telephone and water bills.

Payment Assistance for Gas and Electric (PAGE) Program helps low and moderate income households in New Jersey with their energy costs. In order to qualify, you must live in New Jersey and be facing a crisis situation (such as a shut-off notice). You must have a good payment history in the past. You can only receive USF once every six months.

You may qualify for free weatherization assistance!

If you are a low income resident of New York or New Jersey, you may qualify for free weatherization assistance. This program can drastically lower your future utility bills!

With these programs, an energy technician usually visits your home to assess which upgrades will be most effective for you. The upgrades are then completed at no cost to you!

In New Jersey, the Residential Direct Install program provides up to $2,500 in free upgrades. These upgrades may include weather stripping, LED lights, insulation, programmable thermostats and appliance replacement. In order to qualify, you must be a Rockland Electric Company customer, receive USF assistance and either SSI, LIHEAP, Lifeline, Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled, TANF, or Section 8 housing. Your income cannot exceed 225% of the federal poverty guidelines. 

You may qualify for additional assistance.

If anyone in your household is medically dependent on electrical equipment, such as oxygen or dialysis machines, you need to let Orange & Rockland know. They can enroll you in the Life Support Equipment (LSE) Program, which can help you during scheduled and unscheduled outages. As part of this program, you will receive a confidential phone number to call to report power losses and you’ll also have access to special payment options if you struggle to pay your bill.

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