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We Found Ways to Help Pay Your Atlantic City Electric Bill

We Found Ways to Help Pay Your Atlantic City Electric Bill

Is your Atlantic City Electric bill too much? If you’re struggling to afford your bill or facing a shut-off notice, help is available! We found ways you can save money by lowering your bill and getting the assistance you need.

Need help paying your Atlantic City Electric bill? We found help!

The LIHEAP benefit from New Jersey can help with heating and cooling costs. If you meet low-income requirements, you can save on a portion of your electric bill. It is meant to offset the costs and will not cover the total amount of most energy bills.

Similar to LIHEAP, the universal service fund can help you with your electric bill. It is for people who need help with electric or gas costs and can be applied to your bill at any time during the year. As with LIHEAP, it is generally only enough for a portion of your bill to help offset the high cost of heating.

If you don’t qualify for LIHEAP or USF, you may qualify for NJ Power On. The program is only for people who do not qualify for these programs or who have not used them recently but who need help paying their bills. You may qualify for it with a higher income level than with LIHEAP or USF.

Seniors and those who are disabled may qualify for Lifeline. The program applies a $225 credit on your bill. You must apply through the state of New Jersey. You’ll need to provide proof of age or proof of disability.

Avoid shut-off with these helpful resources.

If you are unable to pay your bill, you may qualify for help from New Jersey shares. The program helps people who are low income and those who are at a moderate income. You must show that you’ve made regular payments in the past. It is a good faith donation and is only intended for temporary use. You can only use it once per year.

Atlantic City Electric may be able to help with their Helping Hands program. The program works to help you get caught up on past due amounts or bills you may be unable to pay. You must apply for the program through Atlantic City Electric.

The Catholic Charities in New Jersey may help those who are in need of utility help. Their utility assistance program lends a helping hand to those in need. You must apply through Catholic Charities and you must show proof of need. The program does not have set limits on how many times you can use it, but it is subject to the funds available at the time.

The People for People Foundation works to help those who are low income and have many different needs. The foundation works with those who are in bad situations and trying to get back on their feet. You can apply for the program at their facilities or online.

If you have emergency medical equipment, you may be able to avoid shut-off. If you submit certification through Atlantic City Electric, you may qualify to be protected from having your electric shut-off. The program comes with other benefits including advanced notification of planned power outages.

Use Atlantic City Electric’s easy payment options!

You may qualify for a payment extension if you were current on your bill up until this point. The payment extension allows you a little more time to pay your bill. You must have an online account with Atlantic City Electric.

If you are interested in making arrangements for a large payment or a large overdue amount, you may apply for the arrangements through the Atlantic City Electric site. The company has certain requirements including not having a payment arrangement and not being on any type of payment plan.

The budget billing program helps those who don’t want to deal with higher heating and cooling costs each season. Budget billing allows you to have the same bill each month. The bills are a result of averaging your total usage over 12 months to make it easier to pay. At the end of the budget billing term, Atlantic City Electric may apply any overages to your account. You may also need to pay for any amount over the average you used. Budget billing doesn’t save you money, but it helps you prepare for your bills.

Upgrade your home for free and lower your bill

New Jersey may offer you money to use renewable energy. The program is easy to sign up for and has a variety of options you can choose from. From making smart choices of when you use energy to using appliances that are certified to be energy efficient, you can get money back.

A free energy checkup is included with your Atlantic City Electric account. A power professional performs the energy checkup and gives you valuable information on the energy you use. The energy professional will even make recommendations on what you can do to lower your energy usage.

Low-income families may qualify for weatherization. The New Jersey weatherization pays for upgrades to your home that will make it easier to heat and cool. The program focuses on insulation but may also pay for better heating and cooling systems. Many homeowners use the program but renters can also get help with weatherization.

You can get a free smart thermostat if you sign up for the EnergyWise program. The program is offered through Atlantic City Electric and helps you save money on your bill. It works by cycling your power during times of high usage. If you join the program, you could get a credit on your bill each month.

Save even more money on your electric bill

There are many simple steps you can take to lower your electric bill on your own. Many of these steps are totally free! Use these helpful tips to save money on your bill!

Get free things and save money in New Jersey!