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Unable to Pay Your OGE Bill? Help is Available!

Unable to Pay Your OGE Bill? Help is Available!

Do you have too much month at the end of your money to pay your OGE bill? We’ve been there! The good news is you have options!

Need help with your OGE bill? It’s here!

OGE might work with customers when they’re having financial difficulties. The company provides people the chance to get caught up on their bills and receive extensions on the amount they must pay with financial assistance. Customers need to contact customer service because the company looks at each case individually.

Arkansas OGE customers who struggle to pay their bills may get help through the Arkansas LIHEAP benefit. The benefit provides customers with a bill credit so they can save money during the cold winter months and hot summer months in Arkansas.

The LIHEAP program in Oklahoma is similar. Customers must apply for it through their local assistance agency. They’ll need to provide proof of income, proof of need and proof of electricity service with OGE. The state automatically applies the credit to the energy bill.

OGE helps seniors and low-income individuals.

OGE created a specific program for seniors. With the program, seniors can save money on their energy bills, they can get valuable rebates from the energy company and they can learn more about energy efficiency. The company provides seniors with other benefits through the program like additional shut off protection and energy education programs.

Everyone in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Arkansas can visit OGE cool zones. The company set these up to help reduce heat-related illnesses during the scorching summer heat. Customers who do not have fans, air conditioner or even electricity may visit these locations. In most normal circumstances, customers can stay in the locations for the entire day until the sun sets and the area cools off.

OGE offers helpful payment plans and options.

With the Smart Hours time of use plan, customers pay depending on when they use electricity. You’ll get rewarded for using your electricity during off-peak hours. You can also save more money on your bill by allowing the company to cycle your energy during different peak hours throughout the day.

The flat rate payment plan helps customers avoid a big surge in their bill when it’s really hot or really cold out. It’s intended to allow customers to pay a flat rate for electric no matter what. It does not require a “catch up” period at the end because of small fluctuations in the bill throughout the year.

The average payment plan is similar to the flat rate, but it does require a catch up at the end of the period. Customers will need to pay any amount they went over the average during the 12-month period.

Use helpful programs to lower your OGE bill.

Weatherization programs help you with making your home more energy efficient. The programs are free for low-income individuals and can help with adding insulation and increasing the ability of your home to withstand hot and cold temperatures. To apply for the Arkansas weatherization program, click here. To apply for the Oklahoma weatherization program, click here.

OGE also offers their own weatherization program. They work in combination with state agencies to make your home as energy efficient as possible. The program is not reliant on your participation in the state program and you may qualify for it even if you don’t qualify for the state one. Arkansas customers can get more information here while Oklahoma customers can get more information here.

Let OGE help you upgrade your home.

Window replacements can make your home more energy efficient and help you save money. It’s expensive to replace your windows. OGE may help their customers with window replacement because they know how important and expensive it can be. They generally do not cover the full cost but might pay a portion of it.

Attic insulation also helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. OGE may help customers with insulation outside of their weatherization program.

LED bulbs are energy efficient and help you keep your home lit up while not heating it up. OGE offers rebates on LED bulbs. While they do not guarantee the bulbs for free, the rebates sometimes cover the full cost of the bulbs.

Their home energy efficiency program helps you learn about your energy usage. You can log into your account to see exactly where you use most of your energy. The program is free and helps you figure out where to reduce usage.

Save even more on your OGE bill.

Do you want to save even more money on your OGE bill? Check out these tips we’re using right now!

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