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How to Get Help Paying Your OUC Bill!

How to Get Help Paying Your OUC Bill!

Paying your OUC bill doesn’t have to be a huge burden. We found ways to help you pay your bill and avoid shut off!


Need help paying your OUC bill? We found help!

Florida’s LIHEAP may help you with your utility bill. The program is designed to help low-income individuals by offsetting the high cost of energy bills. While the plan works to provide help directly to your electric bill, it doesn’t always cover the total amount.

If you need help paying your bill and have nowhere else to turn, Project Care can help you. The program is designed to help with emergency relief. They cap their help at $500 per year per individual or family. Funding from Project Care may not always be available.

Use OUC’s helpful payment options.

A payment arrangement may help you get caught up on a large bill or a past due amount. OUC may help with payment arrangements for individuals who need it. You’ll need to log in to your account or call the customer service number to learn more about the payment arrangements. Those in need of a payment arrangement have to meet certain requirements.

Even though budget billing doesn’t save you money on your bill, it may make it easier for you to prepare for your OUC bill. With budget billing, you know what to expect. The bill should be same or close to the same no matter what time of year it is. Even if you’ve had to use a lot of electricity to cool your home down, your bill will remain close to the same. At the end of the term, you’ll need to catch up on any amounts OUC paid toward your bill while you were using budget billing.


Prepaying for electric may help you be better able to budget for it. You also do not need a deposit when you have prepaid electric. When you’re getting close to the end of the amount you prepaid, OUC will let you know so you can add money to your account.

Upgrade your home and lower your energy usage.

The weatherization assistance program Florida offers helps low-income electric customers lower their bills by making their homes more energy efficient. People whose homes are not energy efficient or who struggle with high bills might benefit from weatherization. It can help with a new cooling system, additional insulation in your home and other features that make it easier to keep cool

OUC offers valuable rebates on energy efficient appliances and other things for your home. You can get small appliances and light bulbs for prices that are much lower than you’d find anywhere else. Some of the rebates OUS offers are instant rebates while others you have to use after purchasing the items in a store.

With OUC, you can do a free energy audit on your home. You can choose a DIY-version by doing it online or you can use their in-home services. Either option you choose allows you to have a better idea of the amount of energy you’re using. You can then use that information and reduce your usage in each area where you’re using too much electricity.

OUC helps in other ways.

The medical alert program is for people who have medical problems or who are at risk of heat-related illnesses. If you require medical help that relies on electricity, let OUC know and you can get set up on the alert program. They’ll let you know first about any upcoming outages and you’ll be among the first to have power restored. You will also get more information on shut-offs if you’re unable to pay your bill.

The convenient usage dashboard allows you to see where your energy usage is coming from. You can use the dashboard right from your online OUC account and you can adjust your energy usage accordingly.

OUC works to help the community with energy education. They have outreach programs and special days they use to show people how they can use less energy. They even have free swag to hand out at some of these events!


Save even more on your OUC bill!

We found some really great tips to help you save money on your OUC bill. Try using these to lower your energy usage and eliminate big bills forever!

Get free savings in Florida!