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Get Help with Your Xcel Energy Bill

Get Help with Your Xcel Energy Bill

If you can’t pay your Xcel Energy bill, we understand. We’ve been there, but now we’ve found help! You have options to help you pay your bill.

Need Help Paying Your Xcel Energy Bill? We Found It!

Xcel’s energy assistance program can help low-income families pay their bill. The program can provide money to those who are participating in it and can even provide reduced electric rates. Families who are low income and qualify for the program will receive credits applied directly to their energy bills.

You might be eligible for Heatshare if you are low income. The Heatshare program works by providing funds to people who are struggling to pay their Xcel Energy bill. You must apply for it through the Salvation Army. If you are approved for the program, you will receive a voucher you can use for a portion of your bill.

Xcel Energy Has Helpful Payment Options

Customers who need to make payment arrangements will need to contact Xcel Energy directly. The company does not have an official policy on payment arrangements for customers, but they may be able to help. They look at each case individually. If you talk to them as soon as you know you’re going to need an arrangement, you might have a better chance at getting the arrangement.

To make paying your bill as easy as possible, Xcel Energy allows you to choose your due date. You can choose a date that works for you when you start service. As long as you keep your account current, you may be able to change your due date when you need to.

Xcel Energy offers an averaged payment plan. The payment plan allows you to have the same bill each month for 11 months. The bill is calculated by figuring out how much energy you use each year and dividing it over the 11-month period. During the 12th month, you will be required to pay the portion of the bill and any additional amount you need to get caught up.

Get Free Home Upgrades to Help With Energy

Did you get a new refrigerator? You could get cash in your pocket for the old one! Xcel Energy’s refrigerator recycling program allows you to get money back for a working refrigerator. Let them know you have one, schedule a time to pick up and wait for your check to come in the mail.

The home energy savings program allows you to save money on electric as well as energy efficient appliances. You may even qualify for free appliances based on need. The energy savings program also provides you with a free energy audit on your home. Xcel Energy uses the audit to determine what type of appliances or other measures you need.

In addition to any state-sponsored weatherization program you are using, you may be able to use the income qualified weatherization program from Xcel Energy. It is available to customers who may not qualify for weatherization through their state or who may need additional help with the upgrades to their home.

Keep reading for state-sponsored weatherization information for your state!

If you purchase light bulbs for your home, you may be able to get a rebate on them through Xcel Energy. Check out their light bulb rebate list before you head out to purchase new LEDs. You can even purchase them conveniently from the Xcel Energy site.

Are you searching for other rebate options? Xcel Energy has an easy-to-use tool for finding rebates. Simply choose your state, choose the items you are looking for or have already purchased and let Xcel Energy find rebates for you!

Customers can get even MORE help on their XCel Energy bill from their specific states!

State laws and programs can result in even more savings! In addition to state-specific home improvements, you can get special payment arrangements and special services from XCel Energy depending on your state!

Find your state in the list below for even more perks!

XCel Energy in Colorado

XCel Energy customers in Colorado benefit from SIX additional programs! Because we found so many helpful programs here, we had to make an entirely separate article for Colorado customers. Click here to see what additional perks you can receive as an XCel Energy customer in Colorado!

Xcel Energy in Michigan

The Michigan LIHEAP benefit can help you pay your electric bill. The program works by giving you a credit on your bill each month. It is meant to offset the costs that can come from high heating bills during the cold winter months. You must be at or below 150% of the poverty level to qualify for it. Apply for LIHEAP online or through your local community action office.

The Time of Day plan can help you save money on heating and cooling costs during peak hours. Xcel Energy provides you with a rate that is 50% of your regular rate when you join the plan. All you have to do is reduce your energy usage during peak hours. The program works well for shift workers and for those who sleep during the day and are up at night because peak hours are generally during the day.

To help further reduce your energy costs, you can have your home weatherized. Michigan’s weatherization assistance program may be able to help you with weatherization. You will need to be low income and your home energy audit must show your home is in need of weatherization. Both renters and homeowners can qualify.

Xcel Energy in Minnesota

XCel Energy customers in Minnesota benefit from FIVE additional programs! Because we found so many helpful programs here, we had to make an entirely separate article for Minnesota customers. Click here to see what additional perks you can receive as an XCel Energy customer in Minnesota!

Xcel Energy in New Mexico

The New Mexico Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program helps residents with a portion of their electric bill. It provides them with a chance to lower the out of pocket costs of their bill but is not meant to completely eliminate the bill. It is for low-income families and individuals.

If your home is not energy efficient or needs upgrades, the Low Income Weatherization & Winterization program can help you by providing you with an audit of your home. The program will then use that audit to determine where your home needs help. You may qualify for help with insulation, heating and cooling.

If you don’t qualify for weatherization, you can do a draft check on your own. Xcel Energy teamed up with local libraries for draft check equipment. You can borrow the equipment from your library and check your home to see if there is a draft. Then, you can take small steps to prevent the air from coming into your home.

Xcel Energy in North Dakota

The backup relief program can help you lower your rates on heating if you have a backup heating source. You must commit to the program and to using your alternative source of heating to stay in the program. The rates for those who use the program are about 25% less than regular rates.

With the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, you may be able to save money on your bill simply because you are low-income. The program works to provide you with a credit on your bill based on your need for assistance. It is generally reserved to help lower heating costs, but you may be able to use it year-round if you qualify.

By using the limited off-peak service, you can lower your electric bill. Xcel’s non-peak rates are 50% of the peak rates. Shift workers and those who are up late benefit most from the program. By simply reducing your energy usage during the peak hours, you can save money.

Weatherization Assistance helps low-income individuals make their home more energy efficient. It can help you with new appliances, insulation and a better heating system. You can use this state weatherization in combination with the program Xcel Energy offers.

Xcel Energy in South Dakota

The Low Income Energy Assistance program works by giving you a credit on your bill to help offset the high heating costs in winter. The program is only available to those who are low income. It is offered during the winter months.

Xcel Energy offers a program to people who have backup heating sources. The program helps them lower their energy bill by providing a reduced rate. They reduce the rate by 25% for those who are able to provide different sources for heating in their home. You must apply for the program through Xcel Energy

If you use more energy during the day, you will pay more. Peak prices are higher than non-peak and you can save money by reducing your daytime energy usage. The limited off-peak service can help you save up to 50% on your electric rates. Consider doing laundry and running a dishwasher during off-peak hours to save the most money.

A great way to lower your energy costs is through the Weatherization Assistance program. It will help make your home more energy efficient and will provide you with everything you need to weatherize your home. After the program determines your needs, you may qualify for insulation, new flooring and even upgraded heating systems.

Xcel Energy in Texas

The Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program offered by Texas can help lower your energy bills. It is a program that applies a credit directly to your energy bill. There are income guidelines based on how much money you make and how big your family size is. You may qualify for the program any time of the year.

The Weatherization Assistance Program can help you keep your home as cool as possible. If you qualify for the program, you may be able to get an updated cooling system and insulation in your home to help reduce the cost of cooling in the summer. The program is for individuals and families who are in the low-income bracket.

Xcel Energy in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program is an Energy+ program that can help you save money on your bill if you are low income. It helps with heating costs, but some people qualify for help throughout the year in addition to cold weather help. You must apply for the program through a local community action program.

The Home Energy + program is a weatherization program that can help you update your home for free. If your home is older or if you find that your heating and cooling costs are very high, weatherization might work for you. The program works by adding insulation and other energy-saving help to your home. It can provide you with the assistance you need to lower your bills.

Those who live on a Wisconsin farm and need help with their farm wiring can get help through Xcel Energy. The farm rewiring program can provide a grant of up to $10,000 to help you rewire your farm to be more energy efficient. Apply for the grant through Xcel Energy!

Save Even More on Your Xcel Energy Bill!

Saving money doesn’t have to be hard. Use these tips to make saving money on your electric bill easier!

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