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Homeless Shelters in Utah County: The Full List

Homeless Shelters in Utah County: The Full List

If you’re looking for homeless shelters in Utah County, you’re not alone. High housing costs have resulted in a shocking number of people – including two-income families – struggling to find and maintain housing in this area.

This is a list of all the homeless help we’ve found in Utah County. It is accurate as of the “last updated” date above.

General Homeless Shelters in Utah County

It appears that these agencies help and serve everyone.

Community Action Services and Food Bank

The Community Action Services is a tremendous resource for low income families. It’s a great place to start when you need help with shelter, food or other needs.

According to the United Way 211 website, Community Action Services offers homeless motel vouchers. They may also be able to assist with rental deposits and rent payments.

They offer additional services as well. The 211 website indicates that this agency offers mentoring, clothing, food, transportation assistance, fee payments for birth certificates and drivers licenses, among other things.

If you’re looking for homeless shelters in Utah County and similar resources, you can visit the Community Action Services website here.

Food and Care Coalition

The Food and Care Coalition offers transitional housing, hygiene products, clothing vouchers, laundry and shower facilities and mail delivery services for those who are homeless. If you’re looking for homeless shelters in Utah County, check here to see how they can help.

Center for Women and Children in Crisis

This agency only serves victims and survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault. They can assist with counseling for children affected by domestic violence, crisis intervention, partner abuse counseling and domestic violence shelters. Details here.

Wasatch Mental Health’s Vantage Point Youth Service Center

This is a short-term facility that provides shelter, counseling and help for youth in crisis. To qualify, you must be a youth between the ages of 11 and 17. You must also be experiencing trouble at home, be homeless or otherwise high-risk. Obviously, this is not one of the homeless shelters in Utah that serves everyone because it is limited to youth. More details here.

Get more help in Utah here!

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