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How Quicken Simplifi Helped Me Take Control of My Finances (and Save Money!)

How Quicken Simplifi Helped Me Take Control of My Finances (and Save Money!)

Money can be a huge source of stress, especially if you’re living on a tight budget. I haven’t always been good at tracking my spending and lately, it’s felt like my finances were spiraling out of control.


I’ve been looking for an app that can help me manage my spending, identify unwanted subscriptions, and help me manage my finances better. I tested and deleted a lot of different programs over the last few months before I found one I actually liked: Quicken Simplifi.

How Quicken Simplifi Helped Me

As soon as I linked my bank accounts and credit cards to Simplifi, it started working its magic:

Suspicious Activity Alerts: I got an immediate alert about some weird charges on my debit card. It was all purchases I’d made but I was grateful that Simplifi was already starting to look out for me.

Subscription Buster: The app listed all my subscriptions in one place. I was shocked to see how much I was spending each month! There were several thought I had already cancelled, so I found a few that I could cancel right away. The program more than paid for itself in the first five minutes!


Easy Budgeting: Simplifi automatically categorizes my spending so I can see exactly where my money is going. This made it super easy to create a realistic budget and stick to it.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that Simplifi is monitoring my accounts 24/7 has given me so much peace of mind. I’m less stressed, more confident, and finally feeling in control of my finances again.

    I also love the way that it helps me understand my spending in easy-to-understand charts and graphs. Since it groups expenses by type, I can see how much my family is spending on housing, bills, food and other expenses. It makes it easy to find places to cut back.

    Why It’s Great for Low Income Budgets

    There are many different budgeting apps out there. Some offer complex features that I’ve never figured out how to use. I like Simplifi because it’s simple and affordable.

    It doesn’t have a ton of fancy features you won’t use. It’s focused on what really matters: budgeting, tracking spending, and staying on top of your bills.

    Simplifi has helped me identify small changes that will add up to big savings over time.

    Relief Recap

    If you’re struggling to manage your money, I highly recommend giving Quicken Simplifi a try. It’s super easy to use and it’s made a huge difference in my financial well-being. Don’t let money stress take over your life – take that first step towards financial freedom today!