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We Found Idaho Legal Aid for Civil Cases!

We Found Idaho Legal Aid for Civil Cases!

Afraid you can’t get representation because you can’t afford it? Idaho legal aid might be able to help you with that!


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Get Idaho legal aid!

Facing a legal case might be hard, but it doesn’t have to be jaw-droppingly expensive! We found resources that might be able to help you with your legal case. Attorneys are available in many instances to offer help for legal advice, answers to legal questions and free legal representation. The attorneys who work with legal aid organizations provide their services free of charge. Many legal aid organizations can only provide help for civil cases, but the public defense commission might be able to help with criminal cases.

Idaho legal aid might be able to help you.

The Idaho Legal Aid organization might be able to offer their services to residents who are very low income and low income struggling with a civil legal case. They have attorneys who work for the organization for free and might be able to help you if your civil case qualifies. In addition to making sure your case is one of the ones that will qualify, you should also make sure you qualify for their program using their guidelines. They have guidelines that dictate whether you can get help based on your residency, your income and other factors. Not everyone will qualify for help. Representation isn’t always available. It may be subject to attorney availability regardless if you qualify.

Using the Idaho Volunteer Lawyers program, you might be able to have an attorney represent you. This program can make it easier for you to find an attorney who can take you on without a high retainer or other requirements. You will need to meet the program requirements including ones that dictate the income limits for legal aid eligibility.

Use a law school for help through their clinics.

The University of Idaho law students open up clinics to the public so they can help serve low-income residents who cannot afford attorneys. At these clinics, they answer questions about your legal case and they’re able to provide information to you based on what will happen to your legal case. The students in these clinics are trained attorneys and can even connect you with help through one of the bar-certified attorneys associated with the clinics. You might be able to find help at the clinic for:

  • Family law
  • Employment law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Housing law
  • Other areas of civil law

Since the clinics are a free service offered by university students, they might fill up quickly. You won’t have to pay anything, but reserving your spot can help you get into one of the clinics.

Counties in Idaho could provide assistance.

There are some counties in Idaho that offer assistance to people who are in need of legal representation. If you’re facing a civil case, you could get Idaho legal aid through your county. Counties might have requirements for assistance that are different from state legal aid resources.

Boise County

You might be able to get Idaho legal aid in Boise! The program could help you find an attorney who can represent you for free. Since the program has different tiers, you might not be able to qualify for full representation. Attorneys could help you with a variety of different things including legal advice, answers to legal questions and even help preparing yourself for court. You will need to meet the income requirements Boise County put into place for residents who are looking for legal help. The program also has other requirements like residency.


Canyon county

Residents of Canyon County could qualify for help through the Idaho legal aid organization. This help can vary depending on your needs and your ability to meet program requirements. If you’re approved for help through Canyon County, you could get an attorney who might be able to help you with your case, represent you for your legal situation and more.

Idaho’s bar association offers information on free attorneys.

The Idaho Bar Association has helpful information related to legal aid. Even though they don’t provide direct assistance, their legal aid resources can help you find an attorney. Many attorneys are able to represent you. Not all attorneys will be available to represent clients at all times. You might be able to find someone who can provide help. The resources have helpful information relating to attorneys who work with Idaho legal aid organizations and attorneys who provide help independently.

We found resources through the ACLU!

Since the ACLU focuses on civil rights, many people consider turning to them when they’re in need of help with a civil case. The ACLU, though, is unable to help most people who are in need of assistance through their programs. You can, however, use the ACLU to learn more about your civil rights and what you can do to protect them.

Get help and freebies in Idaho!