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Struggling to Pay Your Kansas Gas Bill? We Have Help!

Struggling to Pay Your Kansas Gas Bill? We Have Help!

Kansas Customers can get help with their bills! If you’re facing having no heat or hot water because you can’t pay your Kansas Gas bill, you are not alone. There are many resources available to help you pay your bill, get caught up and avoid getting in this situation again.

Kansas Gas Payment Options Are Easy

By creating the average payment plan, Kansas Gas allows their customers to know what to expect each month. If you are on the average payment plan, your bill will be the same over a 12-month period. The program can help you be prepared to pay your bill. You may also be able to make sure you have the money when the due date comes. At the end of the period, you will have adjustments. You may have to pay more if you used more gas than expected. You may also get money back if you used less than your average amount of gas. Your account must be current to enroll.

If you have a shut-off notice from Kansas Gas, you might be eligible to make a payment arrangement. Most payment arrangements through the company require you to put down a deposit, but Kansas Gas will look at your case as a unique one. After you have put the deposit down, you may need to split the bill up over a period of time to get caught up. You may also be able to use this option to simply extend the date when your gas will be shut off. You can apply for a payment arrangement through Kansas Gas.

Can’t Pay Your Kansas Gas Bill? We Found Help

If you are unable to pay your bill, you may need to reach out to a charitable organization for the help you need to be able to pay it.

St. Francis Community Services may be able to provide you with financial assistance to pay your bill. If you qualify for their assistance, you will receive a voucher. You can take this voucher directly to Kansas Gas and they will apply it to your bill. While St. Francis does not have strict guidelines on how many times they will help you, they generally only provide assistance once per 12 months.

While Hope House works primarily with homeless individuals and families, they may be able to help you with your Kansas Gas Bill. As a community organization, they do what they can to provide financial and resource-based assistance. They have limited funds available for utilities.

Stepstone of Kansas can help families get back on their feet. The program is unique in that it provides help in many different forms. In addition to helping you apply for different assistance programs, they can also help you with job training and other opportunities you may not be able to get anywhere else. The organization has some funds to help pay past due utility bills. If they are unable to help you with the utility bill directly, they have resources they can use to connect you with someone who can help you pay your Kansas Gas bill.

Share the Warmth is a program Kansas Gas has in place to help you if you are struggling with your gas bill. You must apply for the funds through the Salvation Army. You can only use the program once per year. There are certain requirements you’ll need to meet such as being below a certain income level and having a shut-off notice from Kansas Gas. The money comes from donations, so funds are limited.

Avoid Shut Off With These Resources

As a protection of human life measure, Kansas Gas will not shut off your gas if it is going to be 35 degrees or lower for more than 48 hours. This is only in place from November to March. If it is above 35 degrees and you cannot pay your bill, you will need to follow steps to avoid having your service disconnected. You’ll need to inform Kansas Gas and pay a small portion of the bill to avoid shut off.

Doorstep, Inc. is a charity service that might be able to help you with your Kansas Gas bill. They can provide you with the money you need to pay your bill. In addition, they will help connect you with other resources if you are struggling. They can help you fill out a LIEAP application and can provide you with the information you need to get the assistance that will help you avoid being in this situation again. The community program is intended for those who are low-income.

If you need help, Dear Neighbor Inc. might be able to provide you with it. The organization strengthens communities. People from your community work with the organization and try to help others who are struggling. The organization has limited funds. They may also be able to help with other resources like educational information and access to other assistance programs.

Upgrade Your Home for Free and Lower Your Kansas Gas Bill

If it is not energy efficient, your home could be making your utility bills high. If you do not have proper insulation or energy efficient appliances, your bills could be nearly double what they should be. The Kansas Weatherization program can help you upgrade your home with insulation, sealing techniques and new appliances. With these new appliances and a home that is easier to heat, you could save hundreds of dollars per year. The weatherization program is for low-income individuals. You can apply for the program through the website or your local assistance agency.

Kansas uses LIEAP for low-income families who are unable to pay their utility bills. It is a program intended for those who are struggling and it provides them with partial or full payments that are made directly to the utility company. Kansas Gas customers who have LIEAP may be able to qualify for additional low-income discounts from Kansas Gas. To apply for LIEAP, you must visit your local assistance office. You may qualify for the program if you are already receiving SNAP benefits or cash assistance.

Save Even More Money on Your Kansas Gas Bill!

In addition to having your home weatherized, you can be doing more to save money on your Kansas Gas bill. If you take the time and the right steps, you can save a lot on your bills. Use these tips to help you get started on energy savings.

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