Need KY Grants for Home Repair? We Found Them!

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

If you’re struggling to make your home better, KY grants for home repair could help make the job easier and cheaper. Whether you need to upgrade your home for safety or other reasons, we found grants to help you!

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We found KY grants for home repair!

The HOME investment program might be able to help you with KY grants for home repair. The program works with low-income individuals and people who live in low-income areas. You must apply for help through the Kentucky Department of Housing to get assistance. You must meet certain requirements, although credit is not one of them.

Even if you don’t have a USDA mortgage, you can get help with home repairs through the USDA. As long as you live in a rural area of Kentucky, the USDA might be able to provide you with a grant up to $7,500 toward your home repairs. You must provide proof of need, proof of homeownership and proof of what you plan to do with the grant.

Think the Habitat for Humanity just builds houses? Think again! They also offer home repair grants to people who qualify. Along with meeting their set qualifications, you must commit to doing sweat equity on the home before you’re able to qualify for the program. Home improvement help might be limited to issues that could cause a safety hazard.

The Federal Appalachian Housing Enterprise might be able to help you with KY grants for home repair if you live in rural Kentucky. Since the program is for people to make their lives better, you may also be able to find other low-income sources.

Get help making your home safer.

The Kentucky Agency on Aging might be able to help you if you’re 65 or older. You must provide proof of need for a home repair grant and must provide proof of income as well as your age. You might only be able to make upgrades that could help you have a safer home.

If your home is not energy efficient, you could get help making it more efficient through the Kentucky Weatherization program. The program provides free upgrades to your home to make it more energy efficient and easier to heat or cool. You may be able to get insulation, new flooring and other upgrades that could help make your home better!

Disabled veterans can get help with Specially Adapted Housing, Special Housing Adaption and Temporary Residence Adaption through KY grants for home repair. These grants can help veterans make their home easier for them to live in if they have disabilities.

Try these loans to help repair your home.

The Houseworks loan could help you with upgrades to your home. You can use this in combination with KY grants for home repair. Using the loan program, you could get up to $10,000 toward home repairs. You must put up some type of collateral to get the loan. Interest rates vary.

The USDA provides a low interest rate loans for families in rural Kentucky. You could qualify for these loans if you meet certain income requirements, if you have a specific credit score and if you live in a rural area of Kentucky. You do not have to have USDA mortgage to qualify for this loan.

Want to learn more about which loans to look out for and what to be worried about when you’re borrowing money? The Don’t Borrow Trouble campaign in Kentucky can help you learn about all of these things. The program is intended for people who have limited experience borrowing and don’t understand the problems that could come from predatory lending.

You could get property tax relief in KY.

You could get a homestead tax credit in Kentucky. The program can help you save up to $1,500 on your yearly tax bill. You must provide proof of your homestead ownership to receive the tax credit.

If you bought a new home in the past year, you could get a home buyer tax credit. The home buyer tax credit can lower your tax bill by as much as 5% depending on the value of your home and the purchase price.

Those who have a disability may qualify for a similar benefit to the homestead tax credit. This could help you save money on your taxes. You must provide proof of permanent disability to qualify for the credit.

Disabled veterans may be able to cut their property taxes by as much as 30%. If you claim this benefit, you may also use the homestead benefit to help lower your taxes even more.

Kentucky foreclosure relief could help you.

The HOPE now alliance may be able to help you save yourself from foreclosure. This alliance works with those who are facing foreclosure, but who have not entered into it yet. As soon as you know you’re facing it, you should apply for the program for the biggest chance at getting help.

The Kentucky Housing Corporation might be able to help you with foreclosure relief as well as financial counseling services. These are all free for low-income individuals who qualify for the program through the housing corporation. You will need to apply for the program.

The KY mortgage assistance guide can help you find foreclosure relief. You can also use the guide before you get close to foreclosure to help you be better able to pay your mortgage. Use the guide to figure out the best way to being able to pay your bills.

Your county might help you with home repairs.

Counties in Kentucky might be able to help residents with KY grants for home repair and even tax relief. You can apply for help through your county as well as through the state for the best chance at getting the help you need!

Boyd County

You might be able to get help through Ashland for home repairs. The community development division works with low-income people in the city to help them qualify for assistance to make repairs to their home. They offer a low-interest loan in amounts up to $5,000 to help you make repairs. The interest rates vary, but can be lower than traditional loans.

Christian County

Residents of Hopkinsville could qualify for both grants and loans for home repair in the city. You will need to apply for KY grants for home repair to get help making updates to your home for safety and modernization. The loan program offers easier credit approval, lower interest rates and a longer time to repay. You must provide information on your income, household size and what you plan to do to make the necessary updates to your home.

Daviess County

If you’re in Owensboro, you can get home repair grants that might help you be better able to update your home. You will need to apply for the grants through the housing authority in the city.

Hardin County

Residents of Elizabethtown can get help with KY grants for home repair and loans that will help them make valuable repairs to their home. There are different programs you can apply for, but not everyone will qualify for all the programs. You must meet certain guidelines to get approved for the grants and the loans.

Jefferson County

The home repair grants in Louisville can help you make the necessary repairs to your home. You will need to provide the city housing authority information about your household, your income and the repairs you plan to make to your home. There are different requirements you’ll need to meet if you want to get help through the organization.

If you’re anywhere else in Jefferson County, you might be able to get additional help making repairs to your home. By making these repairs, you can upgrade your home to make it a safer and more modern environment. Jefferson County does not offer a grant for home repair, but you can get a low-interest loan to make your home better.

Kenton County

You could qualify for help through the Make Covington Home program. The program helps low-income Covington residents get home repair loans. These loans come with lower interest rates than traditional loans. They are also easier for people with fair or poor credit to qualify for.

Lexington County

Residents of Lexington might be able to get help with KY grants for home repair. The city provides help for low-income individuals and families who need to make updates to their homes for safety reasons. You must apply for the program. The grants are available in amounts up to $2,000, but funding is sometimes limited. You must be below income limits to qualify for the program.

If you’re in Lexington County, you could get help through the HOME program through HUD. The program is administered throughout the county through your local assistance office. You will need to visit the office to apply for help from the HUD HOME program.

Warren County

If you live in Bowling Green, you can get help with your home repairs. Repair help can be in the form of grants or loans and can help you save money on these repairs. Funding is limited so apply as soon as you know you’ll need help!

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