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Need help with home repairs? Get home repair grants!

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2018)

Owning a home is a wonderful but expensive experience. As many of our readers have discovered, rising rents can make mortgages look downright cheap! Unfortunately, the lower monthly costs come with the dreaded responsibility for home repairs which can be costly and unexpected.

Fortunately, there is help. Local governments and other agencies can help you bear the financial burden of home repairs.

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How to Get Home Repair Grants

Home repair grants are usually administered on a local level by governments and agencies. As part of our series on low income homeownership, we’re researching agencies that can provide home repair grants to help low income homeowners cope with unexpected and costly repairs.

This list is currently being compiled. We will complete the list in order unless we receive requests for specific states. Got a request? Leave a comment below and we’ll make sure it’s next on the list!






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