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We Found Help for Your Lebanon Utilities Bill!

We Found Help for Your Lebanon Utilities Bill!

Even if your Lebanon Utilities bill is out of hand or you’ve already received a shut-off notice, there’s still hope! We found ways to help you pay your bill.

Need help paying your Lebanon Utilities bill? We found it!

CAGI might be able to help you pay a portion of your bill. The organization provides emergency services to those who are low-income and in need of help. You must apply through the agency to be considered for help. The program might have income requirements based on the size of your family.

LIHEAP helps by providing financial assistance to low-income families who struggle to pay their bills. You must apply through the assistance office to be considered to get help with your Lebanon Utilities bill. Not everyone will get approved for the full amount available. The amount you’re approved for may only pay a portion of your bill.

The Salvation Army could help those in need of assistance. If you’re in an emergency and you need help paying your bill or if you have a very high bill, you can apply for help through the Salvation Army. The organization may only be able to help you once per year.

Avoid shut-off using these resources.

The Catholic Charities could help you if you’re in a desperate situation and need help paying your bill. You do not have to be a member of the Catholic church. The organization is one that’s based in religion. You may qualify for up to $200 of help toward your bill.

Using the Step Ahead Council could allow you to finally get caught up on a past-due electric bill and get back on track. The amount the organization can help with varies depending on your income and the situation you’re in. You might have to apply through a community action agency to get qualified for help.

Indiana has laws that protect people from disconnection. You could get shut-off protection! There are certain times of the year where Lebanon Utilities might not be allowed to shut your electric off. You might also be protected if it’s under or over a certain temperature during different times of the year.

Lebanon Utilities offers helpful payment options.

Lebanon Utilities does not have set policies on arrangements or extensions. If you know you’re going to need an extension or arrangement, you must contact the company. They can determine if you qualify for an extension or arrangement. The company may be more willing to work with those who are still in good standing and those who do not have any past due bills. The payment arrangement or extension could void out any budget billing agreements you have.

The budget billing program from Lebanon Utilities could help you avoid huge bills caused by heating and cooling your home. By using budget billing, you can make sure you don’t have to pay too much just to heat or cool your home. You will only need to pay an averaged amount for your bill if you’re on the budget billing program. Your bills during the period will usually be the same or close to the same. After you do this for 12 months, you will just need to pay anything above what you’ve already paid.

You can upgrade your home while saving money on your bill.

You might qualify for weatherization in Indiana, but you’ll need to apply for it. It could lower your Lebanon Utilities bill while making your home more energy efficient. With added insulation and upgraded heating or cooling systems, you might be able to get help from the program. You’ll need to make sure you apply for it through your local community action agency. The agency can help you with the application process and any documents you might need to apply.

Try these tips to save more money.

You can use these tips to save even more money on your Lebanon Utilities bill and lower your energy usage! They are all low or no cost! 

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