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Need Help with Your Dothan Utilities Bill? We Found Help!

Need Help with Your Dothan Utilities Bill? We Found Help!

You can get help with your Dothan Utilities bill! Saving money on your bill doesn’t have to be hard and neither does protecting yourself from a shut-off. We figured out how to help you lower your bill!

You can get help with your Dothan Utilities bill!

The LIHEAP benefit could help families struggling to pay their Dothan Utilities bill. You could get help with a payment applied directly to your account each month. The payment is ideal for families that are low-income and have no other way to get help with their bill. You must apply for the program through your local assistance office. From there, you will need to apply each year to continue receiving the benefit applied to your bill. After approval, everything is done automatically to your account.

Energy Assistance of Houston County in Dothan can help you pay your utility bill. Dothan Utilities customers can get help with a one-time payment to help them pay a large bill or help them get caught up. Energy Assistance uses a chart to determine how much you can make and still qualify for the benefit. You’ll need to apply through the assistance office. While using Energy Assistance, you may qualify for other resources that could help you pay for your bill!

The Salvation Army might be able to help people struggling with their bill. It works as a resource center for those who are low-income. The Salvation Army generally provides a one-time payment to those who are having trouble paying their bills. You’ll need to make sure you visit the Dothan office to apply for it. While you’re there, you might also get help with clothing, food and other needs.

Avoid having your electric shut-off.

Dothan Utilities does not have official information regarding payment arrangements and extensions. You’ll need to contact Dothan Utilities to find out if they offer them, and then how you can qualify one. Dothan Utilities might be more willing to work with people who have never had a payment arrangement in the past and those who show good faith by making payments on their bill in the past. You may also need to inquire early to have a better chance of qualifying for the arrangement.

If you have a shut-off notice, Catholic Charities might be able to help you with a payment. Keep in mind that the charities are religion-based, but you don’t need to be a member of the Catholic religion to get help. Catholic Charities also offer other ways they help low-income individuals with housing, clothing, food and other necessities.

Upgrade your home for free.

Alabama weatherization could help you upgrade your home while making it more energy efficient. The program helps low-income individuals and families who are qualified get help by adding insulation, upgrading cooling systems and making their home more energy efficient. Once you’re approved for weatherization assistance, a contractor will come to your home to determine what can make it more energy efficient. These changes will then be proposed to the assistance program. If approved, the contractor can work on them and upgrade your home. The result is lower energy bills!

Save the most on your bill!

Your energy bill can get even lower! Be proactive about saving money on your bill, and even lower it by saving energy. These tips are free or low-cost and can help you save money right now!

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