We Found Help for Maine Home Repair Projects

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2019)

Are you in need of Maine home repair help? You might be able to get it through the grants and loans we found. These could help you save money and make your home updates a possibility.

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Get grants for your Maine home repair project.

Maine Housing might be able to provide the necessary funds through a grant to repair your home. You could get Maine home repair assistance through Maine housing if your project meets their guidelines and you meet their requirements. The grant can be used for a variety of projects.

The USDA has a grant program that might help with Maine home repair if you qualify. You will have to meet their requirements for the program including living in a rural area. You’ll also need to meet other requirements and make sure you’re able to get approved for the grant. There are a variety of projects you might be able to use the grant for and that can help you with your home repair.

If your home is in need of updates that are related to energy efficiency, you could get help with them through the Maine weatherization program. This could help you update your home and make it more energy efficient, meaning you’ll save money on your electric bills in addition to having an updated home. Weatherization requires you to meet their requirements. If you’re approved, you could get help with flooring, insulation or even your heating system.

The Habitat for Humanity might be able to help if you need emergency repairs or if your home requires repairs that are directly affecting your health. You will need to meet Habitat’s requirements and may have to wait on a waiting list. Habitat for Humanity requires their participants to put sweat equity under the direction of a contractor. In addition to getting direct help, you might be able to use the low-cost repair materials through the Habitat for Humanity ReStores if you’re doing your repairs yourself.

If you need Maine home repair help for an issue related to lead in your home, you might be able to get help through the Lead Prevention Grant. This grant could help you eliminate any lead in your home and make it safer to live in.

There are home repair loans that might help you.

The Maine Housing home repair loan might be able to help you if you need repairs to make your home safer. The program offers a low-interest loan to people who are low-income and in need of home repairs. You will need to meet the qualifications they have in place including income requirements. While they do have a minimum income requirement to get the loan, they determine the maximum amount by using your household size.

The USDA has a loan in addition to their grant. You can use the $20,000 loan with the grant if you qualify for both of them. The USDA requires you to live in a rural area, meet income and credit requirements along with other requirements for the program.

If you’re a military homeowner or you’re entitled to VA benefits, you might be able to get Maine home repair help through the VA. You could qualify for a loan to fix emergency repairs. If you’re a disabled veteran, you might be able to qualify for a grant through the VA to help you make your home adaptable to your disability.

We found options for Maine property tax relief.

The property tax fairness credit might be able to help you if you’re struggling to pay your property taxes. You will need to meet the requirements Maine has in place for property tax fairness. The program could help you save a significant amount on your tax bill based on your income, your household size and the value of your property.

If you own a farm or another business that ties into your home property, you might be able to get property tax relief through the current use program. This program could help you save money by reducing a portion of your property tax bill related to your business expenses.

The homestead exemption might be able to help you by reducing your taxable property value by up to $20,000. There are requirements you’ll have to meet including living in your home in addition to income requirements to get approved for this exemption.

If you’re a veteran who is 100% disabled, you could save up to $6,000 on your property tax bill. This exemption requires you to be 100% disabled or the surviving spouse of a veteran who was killed during war. You might also have to meet other requirements.

Get Maine foreclosure relief.

You might be able to get foreclosure assistance through Maine financial institutions. The state has a list of standards and requirements for getting help if you’re facing foreclosure. The program could help you find out more about stopping the foreclosure or how to protect yourself during it.

The Hope Now counseling program could help you if you’re facing the possibility of foreclosure. You might be able to get counseling if you think you’re going to face foreclosure in the future, if you’re in the early stages or if you are going through it. Additionally, counseling could help you learn how to avoid foreclosure in the first place or avoid it in the future.

Pine Tree Legal Assistance provides a foreclosure prevention toolkit you might be able to use. The program for Maine residents can help you figure out what you need to do to prevent it and how you can get back on track. This kit is especially helpful if you’re facing foreclosure through no fault of your own.

You can get home repair help from your Maine County.

If you need Maine home repair assistance, you might be able to find it through your county. Some counties in Maine might provide these options to people who qualify for help with repairs.

Androscoggin County

Auburn’s Rebuilding Together program might be able to help you with updates and repairs. This program provides assistance to people who qualify and might make it easier for you to update your home to make it more livable. The program has requirements you’ll need to meet in addition to specific program details you will need to use. There are options available for people who are low-income. The program might not always have funding available.

If you’re in need of Maine home repair in Auburn, you could get it through the CDBG. This is a grant so you won’t have to pay it back. If you meet the requirements, the grant money can be used for a variety of projects. You might also have to meet qualifications with your income to get help with a CDBG.

Lewiston offers the CDBG program to homeowners who qualify. There are guidelines on what you can use the CDBG for. Since it’s a grant, you won’t have to pay the money back.

Cumberland County

Are you in Portland in need of Maine home repair assistance? The CDBG could help you make repairs and make your home safer to live in. You will need to meet CDBG requirements to get this grant. If you do not qualify for the grant, you might be able to get help still. The owner-occupied rehabilitation loan is a low-interest loan you might be able to use for rehab projects. If you qualify for both the loan and the CDBG, you can use them in combination with each other.

Lincoln County

Lincoln County’s program might be able to help residents get the home repairs they need. They provide help for low income individuals and seniors need help. If you meet their qualifications, you could get assistance updating a home that is in need of safety-related repairs. The program might not have funding available all the time.

Penobscot County

Residents of Bangor might be able to get help with their Maine home repair projects. You could qualify for help with the CDBG or any of the other programs the city offers. The community development division has requirements you’ll need to meet to get help.

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