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Save Money on Your Met-Ed Bill in Pennsylvania!

Save Money on Your Met-Ed Bill in Pennsylvania!

Met-Ed customers throughout Pennsylvania are saving money on their monthly utility bills! We have done some in-depth research into this company to learn all the ways you can save money and get free stuff.

Also known as Metropolitan Edison Company, this company serves 560,000 customers in southeast Pennsylvania.

Get a FREE Energy Conservation Kit from FirstEnergy!

Residential customers of Met-Ed are eligible for a free, no-cost energy conservation kit from First Energy! This kit includes several energy efficient products that can help reduce your power consumption. Among other things, you’ll receive a three-way LED light bulb, seven standard LED light bulbs, a furnace filter whistle and three LED nightlights.

There is a limit of one kit per residential account. You’ll need to fill out this form with your name, account number, and contact information.

Met-Ed offers helpful payment arrangements.

This company offers several payment options.

Seniors and disabled customers may be eligible for extended due dates. If your disability check arrives just after your usual due date, then the due date can be extended to the date that your check arrives.

Extended Payment Plans are available to people who are experiencing a temporary financial setback.

Military Deferred Payment Program allows families to defer their payments until their deployed family member returns home. When your family member returns, a payment plan may be available to help with the balance.

Assistance is available for customers with medical needs.

Met-Ed customers with medical needs are eligible for additional programs.

The Critical Customer Care Program provides help for those who rely on life-sustaining medical equipment in their home.  Registering for this program informs Met-Ed that someone in your household relies on power to sustain life. This will help them make sure that your service interruptions are minimal, but it does not allow you to skip payments.

The Medical Certification program can postpone your disconnection for up to 30 days. In order to do this, you will need a doctor’s letter stating that a disconnection would be dangerous for you or someone in your household. This program is designed to give you more time to pay off a past-due balance.

Third party notification is also helpful for some people with medical needs. This program allows the company to notify someone, such as a relative, social worker or clergy member, if your account is scheduled for disconnection.

Need help with your Met-Ed bill?

If you’re having a hard time making your payments, you’ll be glad to know that Med-Ed has a lot of helpful programs for low income customers!

Equal Payment Plan (EPP) provides consistent bills. 

Enrolling in the Equal Payment Plan will average your usage over twelve months so that you pay the same amount each month. The company will review your account every three months and adjust the amount of your bill, if needed.

Customer Assistance & Referral Evaluation Services (CARES) Program provides short-term help.

If you’re having a short-term or temporary financial struggle, you may be able to get assistance from CARES. In order to be eligible, you must meet be a senior (age 60+), disabled, seriously ill or have a family member who is seriously ill.

The Dollar Energy Fund provides emergency assistance.

If you are experiencing a financial hardship or emergency, you may qualify for help from The Dollar Energy Fund. These funds are distributed through local community organizations. To find an agency with Dollar Energy Funds near you, use this locator tool. 

WARM Program reduces your energy consumption through free home improvements.

Low income Met-Ed customers can lower their electric bills with the WARM Program! This program is available to homeowners and renters who have landlord approval.

This program sends a trained energy specialist to your home to identify ways that you can save money on your power bill. They will help you create an energy-savings plan.

You may also qualify for free improvements, like insulation, caulking, weather-stripping, replacement of air conditioners and more. They will test your refrigerator and freezer, and may even replace those for you! The specific improvements that you are eligible for will be determined during your home visit.

To be eligible, you must use at least 375 kWh per month and have a gross income that is equal to $200 or less of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

You can apply for this program online.

Pennsylvania Customer Assistance Program (PCAP) can forgive your past-due balance.

Pennsylvania Customer Assistance Program (PCAP) helps residential Met-Ed customers eliminate their past-due balances and keep their service connected. Through this program, you will receive a smaller monthly bill based on a percentage of your income. If you make payments on time and in full, your past-due balance will be forgiven.

If you enroll in PCAP, you will also have to enroll in EPP. You will also have to enroll in WARM if you are eligible for that program.

In order to be eligible for PCAP, you will need to have an income that is 150% or less than the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines. For more information about PCAP, click here.

LIHEAP can help, too!

Local county assistance agencies can administer Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program funds. This can help with electric bills in the winter and sometimes in the summer.

The money is paid to the utility in order to reduce your bill. In some cases, you may be eligible for a crisis grant that can help you avoid disconnection due to over-due bills.

Use these tips to save even more money!

We’ve assembled a room-by-room guide that will help you save even more money on your Met-Ed bill! Just click here for all the details.

Save Money & Get Free Stuff in Pennsylvania

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