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How to Save Money on Your MidState Electric Bill

How to Save Money on Your MidState Electric Bill

Midstate Electric Cooperation can help you save money on your electric bill in a multitude of ways. Midstate Electric is a non-profit cooperative that represents nine districts in Oregon. Their goal is to keep up with the changing technology while still ensuring low-cost, quality services for their customers!

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Save money with these helpful payment options!

Budget billing is a program that gives you the option of having your annual bill averaged over the course of 12 months. This will ensure that your bill is the same amount each month.

Get a discount! There is a discount available if you pay your bill in full each month within 10 days of the due date. A 1.5% credit will be applied to your bill for the following month.

PowerPay is a prepaid billing option that lets you choose how much to pay for your services. There is no credit check or security deposit for this option.

Save money with a FREE energy audit!

Midstate Electric also offers free energy audits! Employees of Midstate will come to your home or business and give you tips on how to save money on your energy costs.

Get FREE stuff with these cool Midstate Electric programs!

As a member, you are entitled to a free Co-Op Connections Card. You can get savings on clothing, restaurants, energy efficiency, and travel. You can even get health savings on vision, dental, and pharmacy prescriptions.

Midstate Electric also offers a Peak Hour Rewards program. If you enroll and allow your thermostat to be adjusted 2-3 degrees during peak usage times, you will receive a Lux/Geo Wi-Fi programmable thermostat and a $10 bill credit each month.

If you are a photographer and a Midstate co-op member, you can submit your photos to the Calendar Contest. You can win between $50 and $200!

Midstate Electric also offers Scholarships for members attending colleges or technical schools! There are seven scholarships available that are each worth $2,500. Most of them are for seniors attending high school in the region. However, there are two scholarships for co-op members who have already graduated and one scholarship for line worker school.

Get help with your bill from Oregon state!

You can look into Oregon’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program(LIHEAP) for help paying your heating costs. This is a program for low-income Oregon residents to get help with bills, energy education, case management, and home weatherization. Depending on the size of your household, your annual income must be between $23,095 and $66,620 in order to qualify for the program. The program is offered through local Community Action Agencies.

Oregon also runs a similar assistance program, known as the Oregon Energy Assistance Program(OEAP). You must meet similar income requirements to qualify for this program.

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