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How to Save Money on Your Ameren Missouri Energy Bill!

How to Save Money on Your Ameren Missouri Energy Bill!

Ameren Missouri provides savings that a good number of people would find unreachable. In fact, they have many different saving programs. Ameren supplies and furnishes electricity to 1.2 million residential homes across central and eastern Missouri. Ameren generates approximately 10,200 megawatts of power across 64 counties and well over 500 communities within the St. Louis area.


Ameren Missouri also provides natural gas distribution services that serve 130,000 customers in central and eastern Missouri. If you’re an Ameren Missouri customer, you may have thought of ways to save money on your Ameren Missouri bill. Conveniently for you, we have researched on your behalf, below is what we were able to find out.

Ameren offers several helpful payment arrangements.

Payment Agreement Options allow Ameren customers to pay a fixed monthly payments in addition to their regular energy bill to compensate for their past due amount. There are several options, including:

  • Short-term extensions, which give you a one-month extension on your account balance; however, a few restrictions may apply.
  • Deferred payment agreement, which permit you to reinstate the prior payment agreement by making a precise balance payment towards your bill. You will also be required to make your monthly payments. If your account is already disconnected, this option will not be available to you. The Cold Weather Rules on the deferred payment agreement is only in effect from April 1st – October 31st. Whereas, the Cold Weather Rule is in fact from November 1st through March 31st.

Budget Billing is a payment option that helps you budget your energy bills. You will have your monthly energy payment calculated from your previous 12 months, which will become your baseline monthly energy payment. There is a budget review every six months to help keep your payments on a level keel. They occur in May and November. The Budget Billing program has two options: Rollover or Settlement.

  • Rollover – The rollover option will allow you to roll over any overpayments made or underpayments to the following year.
  • Settlement – The settlement option gives you the opportunity to either pay the remaining balance due or receive a credit of overpayment.

Energy Efficiency Investment Credit offers a monthly credit to counterbalance the Energy Efficiency Investment Charge (EEIC). The credit is available to those customers who have already received LIHEAP, or the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or other related programs. Each eligible customer will have around $4 off per month on their electric bill. Then again, it could be more or less depending on the monthly energy usage.


Get help with your Ameren Missouri bill!

Dollar More Program helps families in need with their home energy cost through just a small donation from compassionate and caring people. All donations are 100 percent given to families in need within the Missouri service area. A qualified family might receive up to $600 a year in assistance.

Low-Income Weatherization provides free home improvements. If you are a homeowner or someone who rents in the Ameren Missouri service area, you may be eligible for weatherization improvements depending on your income status. Individuals that are disabled or elderly receive priority above all others. The upgrades consist of insulation, water heater jackets, weather stripping and caulking. For those who qualify for maximum assistance, they may receive materials and labor for free depending on the project assignment.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is able to assist you in two different ways: Energy Crisis Intervention (ECIP) and Energy Assistance (EA). ECIP is for individuals who are subject to their fuel services being shut off. The program will pay a portion of the bill that is necessary to keep the fuel services on; the amount will depend on the provider. The EA program is available only from November through March. It offers a one-time payment towards your primary source of energy bill.

Get FREE energy efficiency kits!

Tell your landlord and get cheaper energy bills! The Multifamily Efficient Kits Program is for non-low income multifamily property owners and managers who have at least three rental units. The efficient kit provides free energy-saving products such as LED bulbs, electric hot water pipe insulation, dirty filter alarm, high-efficiency showerhead, and high-efficiency faucet aerators. If you’re a tenant, you should encourage your landlord to take advantage of this program. By doing so, your energy bills will may lower.

Get $50 for telling your schools about Ameren’s Energy Efficiency Kits Programs for Schools! Ameren Missouri believes in teaching the youth about energy efficiency. In participating schools, the sixth-grade students learn about energy efficiency within the classroom as well as in their home environment. The program Take Action Kit includes: high-efficiency faucet aerator for kitchen and bathroom, led bulbs, hot water pipe insulation, high-efficiency showerhead, flow test bags, dirty furnace filter whistle, and “turn it off” stickers. If your class isn’t enrolled yet, refer them to this site and receive $50 for recommending the program.

Customers with medical needs may qualify for special services.

Ameren makes their energy bills available in Braille and large print for those customers who are visually impaired or have trouble seeing small print.

Got trees near your power lines? Call Ameren! 

Often trees grow too close to the power line and can at times cause interruption with your energy service. To avoid this from occurring, Ameren Missouri offers a Vegetation Management Program, which includes brush cutting, tree pruning, tree removal, and herbicide applications. To avoid potential property damage, Ameren has partnered up with municipalities to remove trees and regularly prune trees away from power lines. Partnered and working together, they can remove and replace trees safely. To lower the chances of a power outage due to trees, Ameren takes the vegetation away and trims trees away from any electric power lines.


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