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MLGW Customers: Get Help with Your Bill!

MLGW Customers: Get Help with Your Bill!

Paying a big utility bill can be hard and seem like an impossible task. If your MLGW bill is bringing you down, don’t worry. We found help to make paying it easier!


We found help for MLGW customers.

The MIFA might be able to help with their one-time assistance program. You will need to apply for the program through the Memphis Interfaith Agency. If your bill is $200 or under, you might be able to cover the entire thing. If not, the one-time help can pay a portion of your bill. You will need to provide proof of income, your household size and your MLGW bill. The agency may also require your shut-off notice.

Share the Pennies helps MLGW customers pay their bill when they are in desperate situations.  You can apply for the program through MLGW. Share the Pennies may not always have funding available since funds are based on donations from other MLGW customers.

You could get help from Tennessee LIHEAP. The program works for people who are low-income and need extra help on their bill. You’ll need to apply for the program through your local assistance office. The program may only pay a portion of your bill. You will need to provide information on your income, your household and a copy of your MLGW bill.

Memphis Light, Gas and Water Customers could get shut-off protection.

MLGW offers payment arrangements for customers who qualify for them. You will need to provide your information about income and household size. The company may deny a payment arrangement request for any reason. If you have a shut-off notice, it’s important to make sure you apply for an arrangement as soon as you know you’re going to to need one.


The OnTrack program might be able to help people struggling to make their payments and get caught up with their MLGW bills. You will need to apply for OnTrack through MLGW to get approved for the program. It could help you avoid shut-off and includes education on how to manage debt.

The holiday bill break could help you avoid shut-off during the holiday season. From December 15th to January 14th, the company halts all shut-offs. This does not exempt you from having to pay your bill, but it can help to keep the power on during the holidays!

If you’re a senior or disabled and on a fixed income, you could get protection through the Winter Moratorium. The program helps keep the utilities on throughout the winter. You will still have to pay the bill, but it might protect you from the elements during the cold winter months.

MLGW provides payment options.

If you’re on a fixed income or you receive disability, you might be able to get a due date to accommodate you. You can use the net due date to adjust it to the schedule of your disability check. Doing this could make it easier for you to pay your bill when it’s due.

To help yourself avoid shut-off and big fees, you could prepay for your electric. You start out by paying an amount that you can then use throughout the coming weeks. You will get a notification from MLGW that the amount you prepaid is getting low so that you can re-up.

The budget billing program helps you by making your bills close to the same from month to month. MLGW bases the bills on your last 12 months of service. They use the total amount that you paid over that 12-month period and divide it evenly over the next 12 months. You must meet certain requirements to qualify for budget billing.

Lower your bill by saving energy.  

Using weatherization assistance, you can make your home more energy efficient. The program provides free upgrades to your home. You might be able to get new insulation, better flooring and an upgraded HVAC system. The program is income-based. You’ll need to apply for it through your local assistance office.


EnergySmart Memphis might be able to help you with other weatherization efforts. You could get help making upgrades to your home and that will allow you the chance to save money on your electric. By making these improvements, EnergySmart gives you a chance to lower your bills!

The Time of Use rate allows you to save money on your electric by using it more during off-peak hours. You’ll need to make sure you know when the peak hours are and use your electric less during that time. The company rewards you for reducing the strain on the grid by making rates lower during off-peak hours.

Lower your MLGW bill even more.

Trying to lower your bill doesn’t have to be hard. You can use these simple steps to make lowering your bill easier so you can start saving more money.

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