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46 Amazing MN EBT Discounts

46 Amazing MN EBT Discounts

If you’re receiving Minnesota food stamps benefits, you could qualify for other helpful programs as well (including cheap Internet service)! Check out our list of MN EBT benefits below.


7 Things You Need to Know

I’ve been researching and updating this article for years now. During those years, I’ve identified several things that people don’t know or don’t understand about their benefits.

  • Apply for Minnesota EBT online on the government website. This is the fastest and easiest way to apply for food benefits.
  • You can buy fruit trees and plants. It’s true! You can buy produce-bearing plants, seeds and fruit trees with EBT. In fact, there are several interesting things you can buy. Here’s the full list.
  • Shop smart. You may be able to get more food for your money at farmer’s markets and You-Pick Strawberry Fields!
  • You may be eligible for more. Most people don’t get enough food stamps to actually eat… and many people are eligible for more than they get. The algorithm is confusing, but here’s what we know about getting more food stamps.
  • You may be able to get cash back from your food stamps card legally by using rewarded shopping apps. One of our readers earned an additional $437.84 in cash just by shopping with her food stamps card!
  • You can shop at bulk stories, farmer’s markets and more! If you’ve got food stamps in MN,  you may be able to shop with your food stamps a Costco, Schwans, and other unusual retailers. We’ll show you where!
  • You can use your MN EBT card in other states! Not only can you shop in other states, you may be able to get EBT discounts there as well! All of our state lists use green titles to depict museums that provide discounts with out-of-state EBT cards.

Got MN EBT? Get Incredible Discounts!

Regardless of where you live in Minnesota, you should be able to take advantage of these incredible discounts.


Amazonir?t=lir0e 20&l=ur2&o=1 foroffers discounted Amazon Prime memberships for customers who receive EBT or Medicaid benefits! Claim your discount now!ir?t=lir0e 20&l=ur2&o=1 for

You may be eligible for much cheaper Internet service. We’ve helped thousands of people save money on their Internet bills! Providers like Comcast and AT&T offer significant discounts on their internet service. We’ve found almost a dozen Internet services that are $20 or less per month, and one that starts at just $5/month!


Cell Phones. There are many providers that offer free smartphones and free monthly cell phone coverage to low income customers across the United States. Choose the best provider from our list!

Computers. There are many agencies that offer free or low cost computers to low income households. If you need one, here’s what you need to know.

YMCA locations and other community centers often offer low income discounts. Contact your local center today and ask about their low income scholarships and memberships!

Other Discounts

If you qualify for EBT, you may also qualify for these incredible programs!


Get free admission with EBT Cards in Minnesota!

Many museums and venues offer discounts for low income families. If you have an MN EBT card, you could get free or discounted admission to some really incredible places!

Some venues accept out-of-state EBT cards. We’ve used green titles so you can easily identify which museums accept out-of-state EBT cards!

You cannot pay for admission with EBT. It is important to realize that you cannot pay for admission with your EBT card. You will show the EBT card to receive the discount but you will need to pay the remaining admission price, if any, in cash or with a credit/debit card.


Around the State

Minnesota Historical Society (26 sites) – $4 for adults

This discount is so sweet that I had to call the Minnesota Historical Society to confirm that I was understanding it correctly… but it’s true! If you qualify (see the terms here), you can visit any or all of the 16 historical sites operated by MHS for just $4 per adult (minors under 18 are free).

Their locations include:

  • Alexander Ramsey House
  • Birch Coulee Battlefield
  • Charles A. Lindbergh Historic Site
  • Cornstock House
  • Folsom House
  • Forest History Center
  • Fort Ridgely
  • Harkin Store
  • Historic Forestville
  • Historic Fort Snelling
  • James J Hill House
  • Jeffers Petroglyphs
  • Lac qui Parle Mission
  • Lower Sioux Agency
  • Marine Mill
  • Mill City Museum
  • Mille Lacs Indian Museum & Trading Post
  • Minnehaha Depot
  • Minnesota History Center & Gale Family Library
  • Minnesota State Capital
  • North West Company Fur Post
  • Oliver Kelley Farm
  • Sibley Historic Site
  • Split Rock Lighthouse
  • Traverse des Sioux
  • WW Mayo House

Albert Lei

Freeborn County Historical Museum, Library & Village – $3 or less per person

Explore history in a magnificent way at the Freeborn County Historical Museum, Library and Village. The museum has a changing gallery of exhibits, the village includes an array of historic buildings and more.

Apple Valley

Minnesota Zoo – FREE

If you have a Minnesota EBT card, you can receive FREE admission through the Zoo Access Program called Free to Explore! This discount is valid for the eligible individual and all of their dependents.

In order to claim your free tickets, you must fill out a reservation form at least one week in advance of your visit. You must also purchase a parking pass.

When you arrive, you will need to provide proof of eligibility and proof of address. Proof can include an MN EBT card, MN MHCP card, WIC card or MN HeadStart Acceptance Letter.



Headwaters Science Center – $3 or less per person*

This hidden gem in Northern Minnesota provides hands-on science and technology exhibits and programming for Minnesota residents of all ages. Check out their Pint-Sized Science program, Science Club and browse their exhibits!

*As a Museums for All partner, this location charges $3 or less per person. I’m still awaiting a reply with exact admission details.


Works Museum – $4.50 per person/$25 per family per YEAR

“Dreams need doing, and exploring engineering gives a child the power to make stuff, break stuff, and make it better!”

The Works Museum offers a Gateway Program that provides discounts to low income families. To be eligible, you need to receive MN EBT or benefits from another qualifying program. Once you prove that you qualify, you can choose to pay $4.50 per person for daily admission or purchase a $25 family membership that will give your family free admission for an entire year!


Duluth Children’s Museum – $3 admission

Learn through play at the Duluth Children’s Museum! That’s why they feature so many fun interactive STEM exhibits! Caregivers are encouraged to play with their children. The museum website says, “Museum time is family time.”

Duluth Children’s Museum is Minnesota’s first and only Museums for All partner. As a result, you can use an EBT card from ANY state to receive discounted admission of just $3 for up to 4 people!

Great Lakes Aquarium – Multiple Discounts

The Great Lakes Aquarium offers discounted admission rates for low income households! Present your current MN EBT card or Medical Assistance card, along with a valid ID. All children and adults in your party will be admitted under teh same discounted rate.

The rate is $6 for adults and $4 for children. Children 2 and under are always free. You can also get 50% off their membership rates!


Stages Theatre Company – Free or Low-Cost

Low income families can receive free or low-cost tickets, bus subsidies and tuition assistance through the Stages Theatre Company’s Open Door Program. You can also visit up to three pay-what-you-can performances each year!


Blue Earth County Historical Society – $3 or less per person

Explore local history at a discount!


American Swedish Institute – FREE

The American Swedish Institute is a place for all people to share experiences around the culture, migration, environment and arts of Sweden.

They offer free admission for people who are involved in:

  • TANF
  • MFIP (MN Family Investment Program)
  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, aka Food Stamps)
  • MFAP (MN Food Assistance Program)
  • WIC (Women, Infants and Children)
  • MN Headstart
  • General Assistance
  • Medical Assistance
  • MinnesotaCare
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Social Security Disability Income
  • RCA (Refugee Cash Assistance)
  • Section 8
  • Free/Reduced Price Student Meals

Bakken Museum – $1 admission

The Bakken Museum offers their limited income discount to more than just food stamps users! You can qualify if you receive TANF, MFIP, WIC, General Assistance, Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare, SSI, Social Security Disability Benefits, SNAP, Section 8, or Free/Reduced Price School Meals.

You will need to provide proof of participation in one of those programs in order to receive the discount.

Children’s Theatre Company – $5 tickets

Each season, the Children’s Theater Company provides financial assistance to over 1,000 low income families who would not otherwise be able to attend their performances, classes and camps. Their program, known as the ACT Pass, provides up to six tickets per household at $5 each. Once your application for the ACT Pass program is approved, it lasts for two years. Visit the Children’s Theatre Company website for more information and an online application.

The ACT Pass program also provides Theatre Arts Training scholarships of up to 80% off tuition.

Guthrie Theater – $5 tickets

The Guthrie Theater offers Gateway Tickets for low income patrons. These tickets cost just $5 each and are available to adults (age 18+) who are enrolled in MN EBT, TANF, WIC, Section 8, SSDI, SSI or other government benefits programs. Up to four tickets may be purchased for select performances.

Museum of Russian Art – FREE

The Museum for Russian Art provides free admission to anyone who receives TANF, MFIP, SNAP/EBT, WIC, MFAP, MN Head Start, General Assistance, Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare, Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Benefits, Food Stamps, RCA / Refugee Cash Assistance, Section 8 or Free/Reduced Price School Meals.

Transit Assistance Program – $1 Transit

The Transit Assistance Program helps low-income residents of Minneapolis and the surrounding area. Through this program, you will pay just $1 for transit fare for the rest of the year! You can qualify by bringing your MN EBT card or one of these other documents to the SouthWest Transit Station or MetroTransit Service Center.

Walker Art Center – $2 each

The Walker Art Center focuses on sharing the creative expression of artists. They include visual, performing and media arts. Through the Museums for All program, the Walker Art Center is offering discounted admission for just $2 per person with a MN EBT card. Children under 18 are free.


Three Rivers Park District – FREE

The Three Rivers Park District offers Recreation Pass Plus cards to low income households in Hennepin or Scott counties. This pass provides free equipment rentals, discounts on programs and free recreation passes! Apply for the pass online.

You qualify for this card if you live in either Hennepin County or Scott county AND you are enrolled in one of the following programs;

  • DWP (Diversionary Work Program)
  • EBT (Food Stamps)
  • EMA (Emergency Medical Assistance)
  • Free and Reduced School Lunch Program
  • GA (General Assistance)
  • HCEAP (Hennepin County Emergency Assistance Program)
  • MA (Medical Assistance or Minnesota Care)
  • MFIP (Minnesota Family Investment Act)
  • MSA (Minnesota Supplemental Aid)
  • RCA (Refuge Cash Assistance)
  • SSI
  • WIC (Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children)


History Center of Olmsted County – FREE

The History Center of Olmsted County offers free admission for up to four people per EBT card.

SPARK Children’s Museum of Rochester – $5 per person

“Playtime is the rocket fuel of development.” Interact with the exhibits, ask questions and let your imagination run wild. Families who meet the Museums for All requirements can attend SPARK for $5 per person.

St. Paul

Bell Museum – FREE & Discounts

The Bell Museum at University of Minnesota offers several discounts for low income households. They offer free Explore passes for qualifying guests, as well as discounted planetarium shows ($4 for adults, $3 for children).

Curiosity memberships are also available for eligible low income households. These memberships are $15 per year. During the year, you’ll get unlimited admission to the museum and discounted $2 planetarium tickets. In order to be eligible, you must at least 18 years old and enrolled in one of these programs:

  • MN EBT
  • Free/Reduced Price Student Meals
  • GA (General Assistance)
  • MA (Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare)
  • MFIP
  • Section 8
  • SSI
  • SSDI
  • TANF
  • WIC

Minnesota Children’s Museum – $3 each or $39 memberships

MCM offers two distinct discounts for low income guests. First, the All Play Tickets allow low income families to purchase up to six tickets for just $3 each.

Alternatively, local low income families may qualify for a $39 per year All Play Scholarship Membership. This membership provides unlimited admission for a year, plus one free flex guest per visit and a 10% discount at the café and store.

Science Museum of Minnesota – $3 per person

Low income guests can receive discounted admission to the Science Museum of Minnesota through their Great Tix program! These tickets cost $3 for museum admission and $3 for Omnitheater admission. Visitors have the option to select the GreatTix price on the drop-down menu when booking tickets on the website, or call 651-221-9444 to make a reservation at the GreatTix price.

This program isn’t limited to people who are receiving MN EBT. In fact, the Science Museum is very generous. You can receive these lower rates if you can prove that you receive:

  • Free/Reduced Price Student Meals
  • GA (General Assistance)
  • MA (Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare)
  • MFIP
  • Section 8
  • SSI
  • SSDI
  • TANF
  • WIC

Please bring your EBT card or verification paperwork and valid Minnesota photo ID to receive these discounted admission rates.

Get more free stuff in Minnesota! 


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I'm not on food stamps but I'm disabled and get assistance how do I get free stuff?I'm in Minnesota


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