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Get Help with Your Montana Dakota Utilities Bill

Get Help with Your Montana Dakota Utilities Bill

Montana Dakota Utilities customers can save some serious cash with these helpful programs! Are you struggling to pay your Montana Dakota Utilities bill? You’re not alone, many people have trouble paying their power bill. Help could be waiting for you.

Montana Dakota Utilities offers several different payment options.

The extreme cold during the winter can cause high spikes in your bill. If you are having trouble paying because of this, balanced billing may be an option. Montana Dakota Utilities company offers this program to help average out the customers’ bills throughout the year. By taking the average, customers will know what to expect. They will know what their bill will be each month. Being prepared may make it easier for you to pay the bill.

Montana Dakota Utilities tries their best to help their customers who are struggling to pay their bills. They are able to help people who have a low income and who may not be able to pay their bill one time. They are more likely to work with people who know they aren’t going to be able to pay the bill before it’s due or people who are current on their account. The company tries to make payment arrangements and may be willing to work with those who are struggling.

Need Help Paying Your Montana Dakota Utilities Bill? We Found Help!

There are several energy assistance programs that are offered through the states where MDU company operates. The HEAP benefits are offered in every state, but each one may have different income guidelines. They may also have different eligibility periods and times where you may be accepted into the program. Most of the states require you to apply for the benefits through your local assistance office.

HEAP benefits generally pay a portion or all of your electric bill. This is a benefit you may be eligible to receive just in the winter season or throughout the year. There is a limited amount of benefit money each year so apply early.

Since they work in several states, you will need to make sure you are using the right resources for the state you are in. North Dakota customers can use the North Dakota DHS website for HEAP. Customers who are in South Dakota can apply learn more about HEAP from the DSS site. Montana customers will need to visit the Montana low-income energy assistance site. The Wyoming Department of Family Services will be able to help Wyoming customers learn about and apply for the program.

Montana Dakota Utilities customers who are in Montana may be able to get even more help on their bill through the company. The company has a discount program for those who are receiving HEAP benefits. If you have HEAP already through the state, talk to Montana Dakota Utilities to further lower your bill.

Get Free Home Improvements To Lower Your Montana Dakota Utilities Bill!

Weatherization is offered through your state. The weatherization program helps you make your home better able to withstand the elements. Weatherization can be anything from added insulation to new windows. It could also help you save hundreds of dollars throughout the year with your power bill. Usually, these weatherization improvements are completed at absolutely zero cost to the customer!

The weatherization application instructions vary by state. Click on your state to find the weatherization program for your area:

If you don’t qualify for free weatherization services from your state, you can still save money while improving the energy-efficiency of your home. While MDU does not pay upfront for customers who are making energy conservation improvements to their homes, they may reimburse some of the costs. If you purchase light bulbs that are energy efficient, you could get some of that money back. The same applies for appliances and even things that will help insulate your home better.

Avoid Shut Off With These Resources

If you have a shut-off notice from Montana Dakota Utilities, you may be able to get help through a private nonprofit. Energy Share Montana has options for people who are in immediate danger of getting their power shut off. They may be able to help you pay your bill to a point where you are no longer at risk of losing your power. They may also be able to help you get out of the “hole” of a large past due power bill.

The HeatShare Program from the Salvation Army might be able to help you if you are a MDU customer in North Dakota. They work with the power company and may be able to directly pay your bill for you. If you are struggling to pay the bill, if you have received a shutoff notice or if you are part of a low-income household, they can help you determine whether you can get emergency assistance.

GROW South Dakota offers assistance to families who may be struggling financially. They have many different programs, but a one-time energy assistance grant is available to help with your MDU bill. The grant is available in different amounts to help you partially or fully pay off a power bill. It is applied directly to the bill and can be used for both past due amounts and current amounts that are due.

If you’re in Wyoming, you may be able to get help from the Catholic Charities of Wyoming. They may be able to provide assistance to people who are in an emergency situation with their power bill.

Save Even More on Your MDU Bill!

To help prevent your bill from spiking, there are some things you can do to save energy. Following these tips may not help you if you are in a situation where you have to pay your bill right now, but they can help you avoid a high bill in the future.

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