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How to Save Money on Your APS Bill

How to Save Money on Your APS Bill

APS Electric customers can get some serious help with their APS bills. If you need help with your Arizona Public Service bill, we’ve found all sorts of helpful programs that may be able to assist you!

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APS Bill Payment Options Are Easy

If you need just a little more time to gather the money for your bill, Arizona Public Service may allow you to make a payment arrangement. The arrangement will put your past due balance on your next bill. The account must be in good standing and you must also not be on budget billing. You cannot have had any returned payments or have defaulted on a payment arrangement.

To make things easier on customers, Arizona Public Service allows you to choose the date you’re billed on. This can help you when you are first starting service. It can also help you later on. If you find that your chosen due date is not working out, you can change it. You may only do this once per 12 months. The account must be in good standing when you change it. Make sure you do this before your bill goes past the due date.

The APS budget billing program can help you be prepared for what your bill will be. The company uses an annual average to determine the amount of your monthly bill. Every three months, they may choose to level your account up so that you aren’t stuck paying an extremely high balance once per year.

Need help with your APS Bill? We found help!

The state of Arizona has a limited HEAP grant they can use to help you pay your electric bill. If you have proof of low income, a driver’s license or ID card and a utility bill, you may qualify for LIHEAP. The program will pay APS directly so you don’t even have to worry about how to get the money onto the bill. Once they apply the money from the grant to your bill, the only thing you’ll be responsible for paying is the amount the grant doesn’t cover. Many people find their LIHEAP benefit covers their entire bill. The program is limited so be sure you apply as soon as you realize you’re going to need help.

Those who meet income requirements may be able to qualify for 25% off their monthly bill from APS. The low-income program, E-3, allows low-income families a chance at a discounted rate. You must complete an application through APS. In addition to the application, you will need to show proof of receiving benefits (like SNAP) or your pay stubs that meet the income requirements.

APS and the Salvation Army work to bring your SHARE. The program is for people who are in dire situations and it can help you pay your electric bill. The program has a voucher you can use to pay your bill. Once you apply for the program and are accepted, you can get the voucher from the Salvation Army. You can then give it to APS where it will be applied to the past due amount you owe for your bill.

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Your electric bill may be high because your home is not equipped to handle the high temperatures of Arizona. If this is the case, you may be able to benefit from weatherization. The program can help create shade to cool your house down, can help insulate it better and may even be able to provide shower heads that are low flow to help you save on your water consumption. The program has income limits that you must meet.

During the hot Arizona months, Mesa CAN may be able to help with repairs that could be costing you on your electric bill. The program does not have the ability to completely weatherize your home, but if there is something that needs to be fixed for your cooling system to be more efficient, they could help you. In addition, they may be able to help with utility payments.

These agencies can help you avoid shutoff.

APS customers can get utility help through WACOG. The program may be able to provide one-time utility assistance to those who need it. They have an application process and an intake program to ensure you will be able to go through the entire thing. WACOG will also help you determine whether you qualify for any other assistance. They can even help you with an application for government benefits if you are not already receiving them.

Catholic Charities all throughout Arizona can help you pay for an electric bill that you may not be able to afford. Their program provides assistance to those who are needy and you may be able to qualify for it. You do not have to be a member of the Church to qualify. There are other requirements including income-based requirements.

Save Even More on Your APS Bill!

Don’t let your electric bill get out of hand again! You can drastically reduce your bill by taking a few quick steps. A lower bill may be able to help you pay your bill on time and in full every month.

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