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(Last Updated On: April 20, 2019)

If you need representation for your civil case, you probably already know how expensive it can be. We found ND legal aid that could help you with the cost.

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Get help for your North Dakota civil case.

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Facing a civil case on your own doesn’t have to be the only answer. There are ND legal aid programs available that could help you get the representation you need. If you qualify for help through the program, you might even be able to get an attorney to represent your entire legal case. This help is available for people facing civil cases. If you’re facing a criminal case, help could come from the office of the public defender.

We found ND legal aid!

The legal services program of North Dakota might be able to provide ND legal aid to low-income residents facing a legal case. If you cannot afford an attorney, you might be able to qualify for aid for a variety of civil cases. This program could help you find an attorney who can represent you for free. They have attorneys who might be able to answer legal questions as well as ones who are able to full represent clients.

The ND Volunteer Lawyers program could provide legal aid in some instances to people who are low-income. The volunteer lawyers work for free and might be able to help you with the case you have. If you meet their requirements and your case meets their qualifications, you could get help with legal representation.

If you’re unable to find an attorney or pay for legal representation, you might have to represent yourself. While this is usually a last resort for most people, you might be able to get resources that could help you with your case. The legal self help center provides information on the forms and procedures you’ll need for self-representation.

North Dakota law schools could provide some help.

You could find help through the ND School of Law. Students offer helpful information on the actions you can take if you’re facing a civil legal case. They might also be able to direct you to resources that will help with ND legal aid. Depending on the legal options you have, you could qualify for assistance through one of these resources.

Get ND legal aid through your county!

North Dakota counties might be able to provide ND legal aid to people who qualify. These organizations are sponsored by individual counties and could be different from the options you can get from the statewide legal aid services.

Dakota Plains

Dakota Plains Legal Services might be able to provide ND legal aid to people who are in the plains region of North Dakota. The organization works primarily with Native Americans, but it might be able to provide some other types of legal help to residents who are facing civil cases. Depending on the case you have, you could qualify for legal help through an attorney or simple legal answers.

The ND bar association could guide you in the right direction.

Even though the North Dakota State Bar Association does not offer direct help to people who are in need, they work with residents by providing them with information related to their civil cases. Since the bar association includes information about attorneys who work independently and attorneys who work with organizations, you might be able to find help through one of their resources.

We found ND legal aid through the ACLU.

Find out more information about your civil rights through the ACLU. Even though the ACLU does not represent people who are in need of legal assistance, they might be able to provide you with information related to your civil rights. They also have resources and lists that could help you find the ND legal aid you need to get represented for your civil case.

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