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Nebraska Pets: 10 Affordable Vet Care Resources

Nebraska Pets: 10 Affordable Vet Care Resources

The world went on lockdown, and with it a myriad of other problems. Financial hardships are on the rise and unemployment is at an all-time high. Finding low cost veterinary care for your Nebraska pets can be troublesome and nerve-wracking, but we’ve got a list of agencies that provide quality Nebraska pet care at low prices.

Check out our list of 24+ resources for free or low cost veterinary care!

Spay and Neuter Services

Animal Spay-Neuter Clinic (Omaha)

This facility in Omaha provides excellent spay and neuter services at affordable prices. But that’s not all! Additionally, the clinic offers examinations, teeth cleanings, and vaccinations. It boasts wonderful reviews and will treat your Nebraska pets like their own. Call (402) 553-3900 or visit here to learn more.

Companion Care Veterinary Clinic (Lincoln)

Companion Care Veterinary Clinic offers spay and neuter services along with a slew of other procedures. They’re also accepting new patients and are open six days a week. Bonus! In addition, their pricing is immensely affordable. Call (402) 486-1201 or click here for more information.

Good Samaritan Pet Doctor (Omaha)

This clinic is all about saving you money! They provide low cost spay and neuter services, dental care, and surgeries for your Nebraska pets. Their services are offered as packages, ensuring that your furry loved ones will receive the most comprehensive care possible. Call (402) 505-6911 or go here to get the scoop.

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Pet Food and Other Items

Pet Supplies Plus Omaha

Yes, this one isn’t exactly a boutique store, but Pet Supplies Plus in Omaha sells name brand pet food, dog washes, and they have small animals for sale as well. Additionally, they’re open everyday. You can call (402) 592-6762 or go here to browse their selection.

Pet Supplies Delivered (La Vista)

While Pet Supplies Delivered doesn’t boast a wide array of pet food, they are advertised as America’s first pet pharmacy (established in 1964)! They sell medications aplenty for your Nebraska pets, running the gamut from arthritis treatments to heart medication. Keep your furry loved ones healthy at a low price by calling 1 (800) 367-4444 or go here to learn more. Bonus: they offer curbside pickup!

The Green Spot (Omaha)

This one-stop pet supplies shop offers more than just quality food at affordable prices — they also provide nutritional consultations and grooming! Additionally, they offer local rescue animals for adoption and self-service dog washing. Call (402) 614-7768 or click here to get more information.

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Temporary Care

Deluxe Pet Sitters (Lincoln)

Deluxe Pet Sitters will provide temporary care for your Nebraska pets. They offer in-home pet care, dog walking, and even home safety plans in case you need to leave your home. This company will treat your furry friends like family. Call (402) 420-9382 or head over here to learn more.

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Veterinary Procedures

Nebraska Animal Medical & Emergency Center (Lincoln)

This animal hospital in Lincoln offers the very best in Nebraska pet care veterinary procedures. In addition to treating young animals, you’ll find comprehensive senior pet care is also their specialty. Surgeries, daycare, chemotherapy, dental care, and wellness exams are just the tip of the iceberg. Call (402) 423-9100 or go here to get the scoop.

Animal Hospital of Nebraska City (Nebraska City)

Animal Hospital of Nebraska City is almost exclusively online. You can have medications, supplements, and supplies shipped directly to your home. Presumably, this is due to COVID-19. To learn more, call (402) 873-6648 or go here to get high quality care for your Nebraska pets.

American Animal Hospital (Omaha)

As for surgeries, the American Animal Hospital provides spay and neuter services, soft tissue, orthopedic, abdominal procedures, and much more. Additionally, they boast a critical care section in the hospital. They even offer care specifically catered to your senior Nebraska pets. Call (402) 493-6767 or click here to get the scoop.

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