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Get Freebies with Your New Castle County Library Card

Get Freebies with Your New Castle County Library Card

Looking for fun, free stuff in New Castle County, Delaware? The New Castle County Library has you covered. Membership offers tons of benefits like access free streaming services as well as fun events. Keep reading to find out what the library has to offer!

Stream or Download Free Movies, Audiobooks, Music, eBooks, and more!

The learning doesn’t stop at the library walls. With your New Castle County Library card, you can get access to popular digital media streaming services from anywhere you can get an internet connection. The New Castle County Library offers access to two great services: OverDrive and Flipster.

OverDrive is one of the most popular streaming services in the United States. With your New Castle County Library card, you can get access to an enormous selection of eBooks as well as digital audiobooks. OverDrive is available on eReaders such as Kindle. You can also access the collection from your PC. The most popular option is through OverDrive’s app, called Libby. With Libby, you can enjoy OverDrive on your mobile device anywhere you have a connection.

Flipster is known as the digital magazine newsstand. It offers access to hundreds of America’s favorite magazines. The service is both full-color and interactive. While it is available on your desktop, the service is optimized for mobile devices. The proprietary app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The service is also available on eReaders like Kindle. Flipster hosts newly released magazines as well as a large archive of older issues.

Get help with your job search!

Looking for a new job? The New Castle County Library can help job seekers at any stage of their career with the Re-wire to be Re-Hired Program! The program is a series of workshops that cover necessary job-finding skills. The workshops are held most weeks and include resume writing help, one-on-one consulting, and interview techniques. The program is free, but registration is required. You can register by calling 302-395-5621 or emailing [email protected]

Get Library materials delivered to your home!

Do you have a long-term inability to travel to the New Castle County Library? If so, the Book Buddy Program can bring the library to you! The service is free, and Book Buddy volunteers will bring books, CDs, magazines, and DVDs to homebound library members on a regular basis. To register for the Book Buddy Program, dial 302-395-5656.

Check out fun, FREE events at the New Castle County Library!

The New Castle County Library hosts events almost daily. There are plenty of options for library members of all ages. Teenagers can get one-on-one help with homework or learn how to code. Kids can listen to a storyteller as well as enjoy a craft. And adults can learn English as a second language as well as join a book club. There are multiple events every week Monday through Thursday. On Sundays, New Castle County Library branches will at times host special events as well as guest speakers. You can keep track of every event at the New Castle County Library through their helpful online event calendar.

All events at the Library are open to library members in good standing, and no reservation is necessary unless otherwise indicated on the event calendar. While rare, some events that have materials required might charge a small fee or seek donations.

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