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Struggling to Pay Your Jackson EMC Bill? We Found Help!

Struggling to Pay Your Jackson EMC Bill? We Found Help!

Trying to pay your Jackson EMC bill along with all your other bills can be such a struggle. We found ways to help you pay your bill without putting a huge burden on your wallet!

You can get help paying your Jackson EMC bill.

The Salvation Army might be able to help you with up to $200 toward your Jackson EMC bill. You will need to provide information on your household size and your income. The Salvation Army might also require information on your bill. If you have received a shut-off notice, it might be helpful to provide that information for the Salvation Army.

Using LIHEAP, you might be able to get benefits that could help you pay for your electric bill from month to month. The amount you qualify for and if you qualify will depend on your total household income and the needs you have. You must apply for LIHEAP through your local assistance office.

The Jackson Foundation might be able to help if you need to get caught up on your electric bill. The foundation is intended for low-income customers struggling to pay their bill due to a hardship or a very large bill. You will need to apply for the program through Jackson EMC.

These resources might be able to help you avoid shut-off.

If you’ve received a shut-off notice, you might be able to get help through St. Vincent DePaul. You will need to bring your shut-off notice and information on your income to the charity to find out if you qualify for help.

The First Baptist Church in Gainesville might be able to help you pay to get caught up if you have a shut-off notice. Their help is only available when they’ve had sufficient donations so it might not be available all the time. You will need to first contact the church to find out if they are offering assistance at that time. After that, you will need to provide income information to qualify for help.

If you have received a shut-off notice, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Athens could help you with your bill. You will need to provide information about your income and your household size. The church might not always have funding available, but they have resources they can connect you with if they’re unable to help directly.

Jackson EMC offers helpful payment options.

If you’re low-income, a senior or disabled, you might be able to get financial assistance on your bill. Jackson EMC customers who meet the requirements can get up to a $12.50 credit on their bill. While the credit may not seem like much, it can be significant if you’re struggling.

When you use your electric during off-peak hours, you could actually be spending less. If you choose the Time of Use plan through Jackson EMC, you can lower the rate you pay during off-peak hours. The plan might have higher rates for peak hours so keep that in mind when you sign up for it. It’s generally only “worth it” if you use it during off-peak.

The budget billing program could help you avoid large fluctuations in your bill. You will be able to pay an average bill for the 12-month period. The average that you pay will be based on your past 12 months. At the end of the period, Jackson EMC will require you to get caught up on any amount that you went above the average of.

If you get an SSI or SSDI check, you could change your due date with Jackson EMC. You can adjust your due date to be after your check comes. Keep in mind that you’ll still have to pay the bill before the disconnection date, but it can give you some time to get your check!

You could upgrade your home to save money.

The Weatherization Assistance Program could help you make valuable upgrades to your home that could make it more efficient. You will need to apply for the program at your local assistance office. The program might provide things like upgraded heating and cooling systems as well as upgraded insulation in your home.

You could get a free home checkup kit from Jackson EMC. The kit can help you learn about where you need to make changes to make your home more energy efficient and affordable. The kit might also be able to help you save money on your heating or cooling costs since you’ll know where to make changes with those.

Jackson EMC offers low-interest energy efficiency loans so customers can upgrade their homes with a low interest rate. The apr is only 3% with these loans and they can help you make valuable upgrades to your home.

Jackson EMC gives back to the community.

If you have a high school-aged child, he or she could have a chance to go on the Washington Youth Tour! Each year, Jackson EMC sends high school students on a trip to Washington, D.C. to learn more about energy and how the government has an impact on it. You will need to apply early for the trip as spots fill up quickly.

The Walter Harrison Scholarship is awarded each year to students who are interested in the energy industry and making a career out of it. The scholarship can help pay for education costs for undergraduates.

  1. The Jackson EMC Security division might also be able to help protect your home for a relatively low cost. The electric provider teamed up with other memberships in the area and they provide security to people throughout the area. You will need to apply for Jackson EMC Security separate from the power company.

Save even more on your power bill.

You don’t have to take huge steps to save money on your power bill. We found ways to lower your bill by just making a few changes.

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