Save Money on Oklahoma State Parks!

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Most Oklahoma state parks do not have an entrance fee… but some of them do charge fees. We’ve found ways for you to save money on those fees!

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Which Oklahoma State Parks charge a fee? 

Natural Falls State Park is the only one of Oklahoma State Parks that require an entrance fee. It’s $5.

Three other Oklahoma State Parks charge a $5 day use fee for certain areas. At Lake Murray State Park, you’ll have to pay $5 to access Tipp’s Point, Cedar Cove, Elephant Rock and Cisco Road Area. Fisherman’s Point in Tenkiller State Park is also $5… and so is the Little Axe Area at Lake Thunderbird State Park.

What about camping and other amenities? 

There are separate fees for camping and other amenities. For example, the base camping rate is $14 but increases with modern amenities like electric, sewer and water.

Some parks also offer lodges, cabins and other amenities that may have higher fees.

How can you get the fees waived?

Oklahoma senior citizens who are at least 62 years old will not have to pay any admission or day use fees, as long as they have proper documentation proving their age and residency. An Oklahoma driver’s license or state ID should work.

Qualifying seniors can also save $2 off the base camping rate per night. There is no additional discount for higher-quality campsites with utilities. Seniors may also receive a golf discount on weekends.

Honorably discharged veterans are also eligible to have the admission and entrance fees waived. You will need to supply evidence, such as a DD214, to qualify.

Anyone who is totally disabled can receive 50% off the base camping rate with proof of a disability. Proof could be a 100% service-connected disability rating, a Social Security Administration letter, a Medicare card for those under age 65, etc.

Seniors and totally disabled guests can receive 15% off the lodge room and cabin rates on weeknights (Sunday night through Thursday night).

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