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Did you know your Pembroke Library card could do this?!

Did you know your Pembroke Library card could do this?!

When people think about libraries, typically, they think about the books that they can read, but did you know that your Pembroke Library has several hidden options as well? To help you unlock your card’s true potential, we did all the research so that you’ll have the information you need to really make your library card work for you.


Enjoy The Feel of Nature? Your Card Can be Used at NH Parks

It’s easy to think that reading is something that should be done indoors, but to be honest, who doesn’t enjoy sitting on a park bench with a copy of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland? Fortunately, Pembroke is a beautiful town, so why not take your books for a day out? To assist your outing, you can get a pass from Pembroke Library using your library card. This allows you to grab free admission for two adults and up to four dependents to a New Hampshire State Park.

Embrace the Sciences and Gaze at Some Stars With Your Card

The universe’s vastness is amazing and witnessing some of its grandeur in the sciences is truly humbling. One of my favorite uses of the Pembroke library card is its ability to provide passes to two of the top science outlets in Pembroke: the SEE Science Center and the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium.

SEE Science Center – This center, which is based in Manchester, is truly entertaining and provides a deeply educational experience for any of its visitors – no matter the age level. This place features daily demonstrations of scientific principles, workshops and mini-courses, and various tours.

McAuliffe Shepard Discovery Center – For more stellar views, your Pembroke card can also grant you a pass to the McAuliffe Shepard Discovery Center in Concord. This center is dedicated to teacher/astronaut Christa McAuliffe and fellow groundbreaking astronaut Alan Shepard. This facility also has several features that you’d find in a planetarium, so if you’re like me, you’ll love presentations of the Night’s Sky, the Extreme Planets show, and Space School.


The Arts are always worth seeing, so see them with your Pembroke Library Card!

Who doesn’t like to tour museums and art galleries for free? With your Pembroke library card that’s in good standing, you can reserve passes that will allow you to visit two New Hampshire staples: the Currier Gallery and the Millyard Museum!

The Currier Museum of Art – The Currier Museum of Art has a plethora of exhibits that provide glimpses into ages gone by, modern and classical artistic styles, and deeper understandings of artistic geniuses like Monet and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Additionally, during your day visit, you can check out a tour, sign up for an adult program, or simply become more involved in the world of art.

The Millyard Museum – At the Millyard Museum, it’s easy to witness interesting exhibits that have been constructed to represent images that hark back to over 10,000 years in the past. In fact, much of the Manchester, NH history is represented in this museum; including some truly remarkable exhibits that highlight life in the area in pre-industrial times. Visitors can also enroll in educational programs and summer camp for an additional cost.

Are You a Fan of Digital Books? Then Use Your Pembroke Card to Download Your Favorites!

If you’re like me and love to use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, then e-books are very convenient, especially if you love to read. Many modern readers don’t understand how convenient it is to read on a screen, but fortunately, you can learn with your Pembroke library card. Similarly to several libraries across the state, Pembroke Library has partnered with Overdrive’s New Hampshire Downloadable Books Consortium, which provides access to thousands of e-books that are all accessible with a Pembroke library card.

Additionally, your Pembroke card also grants you access to the audiobooks that are on offer from Overdrive as well. These are perfect for those that like to hear their books narrated.

Some Other Excellent Benefits Available to You for Having a Pembroke Card

Borrow a Telescope – If your passion for the interstellar has been stoked by visiting the McAuliffe Shepard Discovery Center, then you’re in luck – the Pembroke Library actually has a telescope that can be checked out by cardholders. With it, you can visually visit far-flung galaxies and navigate the exceptionally clear New Hampshire skies.

Take out an Audio or Videotape – In addition to standard media, you can also borrow audio tapes and videotapes that span several genres. There are musical choices, audiobooks, children’s tapes, and movies. The library also has digital media like CDs and DVDs that can be checked out by Pembroke library cardholders.


Computer Usage – There are six computers available to be used by library cardholders at Pembroke. The library allows users to sign into their system, but children under the age of 18 must have a permission slip filled out by their parents in order to access the systems.

You Can Stay Fit at the Pembroke Library Using Your Card

Exercise isn’t an activity that many associate with libraries, but Pembroke has library card users covered when it comes to staying active. Currently, the library offers two classes for library card holders to use in order to stay fit: Zumba and Yoga. Each class is held on two different days so that users can take part in both if they want.

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