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Save Money on Your Peoples Gas Bill

Save Money on Your Peoples Gas Bill

Over 800,000 Chicago residents get natural gas delivered from Peoples Gas. We’ve found several ways you can save money – and get help – with your Peoples Gas bill.


Check out these helpful payment options from Peoples Gas!

Like most companies, Peoples Gas offers helpful payment options for their customers.

You can apply for a short-term payment plan that will divide your past-due balance over the next several months. Of course, to qualify, you have to pay for your current monthly usage in addition to the portion of the past-due balance.   You are eligible for a short-term payment arrangement if you’re a residential customer and you are not currently participating in a previous payment plan.

Not eligible or can’t afford a short-term payment arrangement? The minimum payment option is available between April and September every year.  If you receive a disconnect notice from Peoples Gas, you can make a small monthly payment to maintain your service. The minimum payment amount will be listed on your disconnect notice. You don’t need to formally enroll or even tell Peoples Gas about your intent to participate in the minimum payment option. Just pay that minimum amount and your service will continue!

If you’d like to have a consistent bill every month, ask Peoples Gas about the Budget Plan of Payment. This plan authorizes Peoples Gas to average your annual usage into 12 consistent monthly payments as long as you do not currently owe a past-due balance.


Peoples Gas can also offer a Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP). This plan allows you to pay less than you currently owe. Under thsi program, you’ll receive a monthly PIPP Grant that pays a portion of your bill. As long as you pay your portion on time, you’ll receive forgiveness of your past-due balance up to $1,000 per year!

If you desire, you can have Peoples Gas notify a third party, such as a friend or relative, before disconnecting your service.

Save money on your monthly Peoples Gas bill!

Use the Energy Saver Home Advisor to identify where your home consumes the most energy. This online energy audit will also help you find custom ways you can save money on your Peoples Gas bill.

The Community and Economic Development Association (CEDA) offers a helpful weatherization program that can help you reduce your energy use. Call them at (800) 571-2332 for more information!

Home Energy Jumpstart provides free products for your home!  You could receive a free programmable thermostat, WaterSense® certified showerheads, faucet aerators, pipe insulation, LED lighting and advanced power strips. Low-income homeowners can apply this program by calling (844) 367-5867.

The Emergency Housing Assistance Program  (EHAP) is a City of Chicago program designed to help low income homeowners make emergency home repairs. Homeowners are awarded grants (which do not have to be repaid) to complete important repairs that fix dangerous, hazardous or life-threatening situations. Among other things, Peoples Gas customers may be eligible for an EHAP grant to replace a heating unit, repair a heating unit, fix outdoor plumbing, roofing or enclosed porches. Call 311 for more information!

Housing Opportunities and Maintenance for the Elderly (HOME) also provides minor home repairs to eligible seniors. Their Upkeep & Repair Program provides repairs such as furnaces, water heaters, electrical, plumbing, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and the installation of bathroom grab bars.  Chicago homeowners who reside south of North Avenue and are at least 62 (or age 55 and disabled) can apply by calling (773) 921-3200.


Of course, you can get rebates for any of these upgrades that you do yourself!

Get help with your Peoples Gas bill!

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) can assist you with your Peoples Gas bill. LIHEAP offers two grant programs that can only be used once per year. One is a direct vendor payment that can be used toward your Peoples Gas bill. The other is a re-connection assistance program that can help you reestablish service after a disconnection. To apply, call (800) 571-2332 to reach the Community and Economic Development Association (CEDA).

You can also get up to $200 toward your Peoples Gas bill from the Share the Warmth matching grant programYou have to meet certain income requirements to receive these funds. Click here for an income eligibility chart and a list of locations where you can apply!

If you’re the family of a deployed military member, you can participate in the Illinois Patriot Plan. This plan prevents disconnection and also stops late fees during the deployment period! When the deployed family member returns, the balancew ill be due. You’ll need to submit a registration form to apply for this program.

If you’re experiencing a serious medical issue, such as an illness, you can apply for the medical certificate programYou’ll need to have your physician complete a medical certificate and submit to Peoples Gas. When the certificate is received, Peoples Gas will not disconnect your service for 60 days. If you’ve already been disconnected, they will restore service immediately. Within 30 days, you will be given a short-term payment plan with no initial payment required. You can only use the medical certificate to avoid disconnection once per year.

The medical certificate must include the following and be written on your physician’s letterhead:

  • Date
  • Patient’s name
  • Patient’s address
  • Statement that patient resides at that address
  • Statement that disconnection of your utility would aggravate your medical emergency or create a medical emergency
  • Physician’s name
  • Physician’s business address
  • Physician’s business phone number
  • Physician’s signature
  • Physician’s stamp

The certificate can be delivered through the mail or by faxing it to (312) 240-7343.

Want to save even MORE money in Chicago?