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Potomac Edison Customers Can Save Money!

Potomac Edison Customers Can Save Money!

Potomac Edison serves nearly 400,000 customers in Maryland and West Virginia. If you’re one of those customers, we have good news! We’ve found some great ways that you can save money on your monthly utilities.

Payment arrangements can provide short-term relief.

If you are experiencing a very short-term hardship, a payment arrangement may be able to help.

Average Payment Plans help you avoid seasonal highs and lows. With this plan, your annual usage is divided into 12 monthly payments. The average is updated every month to avoid those awful “settlement months” that other providers have. The amount may change a little every month but it will not climb significantly in the peak seasons.

Extended Due Dates are available in all Potomac Edison areas. In order to qualify, you must be at least 60 years old and receive either Social Security, pension check, or disability benefits. If your bill is due just before your check arrives, they can extend your due date until after your payments arrive.

Extended Payment Plans help you keep service connected while you pay off a high bill.

Military Deferred Payment Programs provide assistance to families of those who have been called to active duty. Either all or part of the monthly bill will be deferred until the military member returns home. At that time, a payment arrangement will be worked out.

Need help with your Potomac Edison bill?

If you’re stuck with a high utility bill that you can’t afford to pay, you may need to ask for help. Don’t worry, though. We’ll show your right where to go.

Maryland can get help.

In Maryland, there are several agencies that provide utility assistance to customers of Potomac Edison.

Community Energy Fund provides assistance to customers. It is funded by matched donations from other customers, but the funds are distributed by local community agencies. Contact Potomac Edison to find out which agency distributes Community Energy Fund assistance in your area.

Electric Universal Service Program is a state program offered by the Department of Human Resources. This program helps low-income customers who rely on electric heating. They can assist with your current and past-due bills, as well as home weatherization services.

Maryland Energy Assistance Program is also run by the state DHR. This program helps low income customers with their fuel bills.

Utility Service Protection Plan protects certain customers during the cold months.

Community Action Councils often have additional utility assistance programs.

West Virginia customers can get help, too.

Potomac Edison customers in West Virginia have many options for assistance.

Dollar Energy Fund is an emergency hardship program for residential customers who have suffered a recent financial hardship. The help is temporary and administered by local community organizations.

Emergency Assistance Program is offered by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. These funds are offered to low-income customers who rely on electric or gas heating. The program includes LIEAP and Emergency LIEAP payments.

20% Energy Credit Program is also offered by the DHHR. This program reduces low income customers bills by up to 20%. If you are eligible, you can receive an application from DHHR and send it to Potomac Edison.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCOS) can serve as a customer advocate, helping you suspend penalty and interest charges on your outstanding debts while you pay off your existing balances.

Community Action Councils often have additional utility assistance programs.

Got medical needs? Get special help!

There are several programs that specifically help those with special medical needs.

Critical Customer Care Program can help those who rely on electrically-operated life sustaining equipment. This program helps you prepare as much as possible for planned and unplanned power outages.

Medical Certifications are available for those with severe health problems. If you have a licensed physician certify in writing that a power interruption would be dangerous, it may postpone shut-off for up to 30 days. This is designed to give you extra time to pay your past-due balance.

Third Party Notification can notify someone if your electric service is scheduled for disconnection. They aren’t obligated to help, but it may be helpful if you need help making payment arrangements.

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33 year old female from wv

Wednesday 4th of December 2019

Thank u so much I have 7 children and im a single mom I have so much trouble paying $400-$500 electric bill an other months it goes down to $160-$220 I dont know why it's so high most months but its ridiculous and I have a payment plan set an some times I can't pay it on the date set and they will turn it off the next day if not paid so I borrow $$$ til I get paid they have no feelings for anyone and i tried to lower my payments and they wouldnt do it i pay $119 extra each month so that takes it up more the help i got from u will be such a relief if i can get something going my way for once right now my oldest daughter is 18 she just got a job and we both are trying to get her senior pictures and cap and gown all together its $365 that's not including a senior ring which she is getting the cheapest In The book at $99 . But I would love to have 1 or 2 months of relief to catch up on my other Bill's like car insurance, daycare, cell phone, water, propane gas, and I'm in the middle of trying to fix my mobile home which is in bad shape with the floors an walls in some places. I'll get to the place I need to be hopefully here soon. If I can just get some kind of help from a program I dont like asking but I think I might take a try at it... god bless u happy holidays be safe and stay warm...

Riley Thomson

Saturday 7th of December 2019

Female from wv, I'm sorry things are so rough. We are an informational site, we don't provide direct help. We do have some resources for home improvement grants and free cell phones. Or you can try for more resources in your area. I hope this helps. -Riley