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How to Get Rental Security Deposit Assistance

How to Get Rental Security Deposit Assistance

Wondering how to get rental security deposit assistance? You’re not alone! It’s hard to come up with enough money for move in costs when landlords want first, last and a deposit before you can even pay for the moving truck and other moving costs. Fortunately, we’ve found resources that can help.


Nationwide Rental Security Deposit Assistance

There are a few nationwide organizations that can assist you with your deposits. Some set strict eligibility requirements. Remember, there are even more agencies that can help in the state-by-state lists below!

COVID-19 Rental Assistance Programs

Each state has their own COVID-19 rental assistance program. These funds can usually be used to assist with security deposits and first months rent, if needed.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army often offers rental security deposit assistance and/or utility security deposit assistance, although it varies by local chapter and branch. Not every area offers this service.

Specialized Rental Security Deposit Assistance

These organizations only serve people with specific affiliations, such as veterans status or specific diagnoses.


Army Emergency Relief

Soldiers and their families may be able to receive rent relief from Army Emergency Relief (AER). This program provides zero-interest loans and grants to those who need assistance. They can help with rent, security deposits, food, vehicle costs, utilities, funeral expenses, basic furniture, appliance costs, child car seats, dental care, home repair, clothing, and so much more.

Navy-Marine Corp Relief Society

This organization exclusively serves members of the Naval Services of the United States, as well as their eligible family members and survivors. If you qualify for assistance from this organization, they may be able to assist you with rent and mortgage payments, security deposits, utility deposits, car repairs and insurance deductibles, medical expenses, funeral expenses and more.

Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF)

The SSVF program by the US Department of Veterans Affairs is designed to help veterans get stable, secure housing. These funds can usually be used to help with rent, security deposits and more. Find a SSVF partner agency in your area here.

Local Rental Security Deposit Assistance

The best place to find help with your deposit is from local agencies. Our list is organized alphabetically by state for your convenience.


Seldovia Village Tribe Housing Office (Seldova)

This office provides housing assistance for tribal and community members. Their Alaska rent assistance program may also assist with first month’s rent and/or security deposits for families or college students who need to move into a home or apartment.


West End Neighborhood House (Statewide)

The West End Neighborhood House offers several supportive housing programs, including an incredible rental assistance program. Their Statewide Security Deposit Loan Program helps low and moderate income families afford move-in costs. This program can provide funds for security deposits and utility deposits.

Lutheran Community Services (New Castle County)

This program serves New Castle County and Wilmington residents only. Their Emergency Financial Assistance program can assist with rent, mortgage and utility payments, as well as security deposits. They can also assist with food and health services as well.



Community Resource Center of Teton Valley (Teton County)

The Community Resource Center of Teton Valley has limited funding for rental assistance, security deposits, utilities, medications, and gas needed to travel to work. Their funding is limited but you can apply on their website.

Jesse Tree (Ada & Canyon County)

Jesse Tree provides housing assistance in Ada and Canyon County. This organization may be able to provide assistance with rent and a security deposit assistance. If you have an eviction date already set, they may be able to expedite your application.


CommUnity Crisis Services and Food Bank (Johnson County)

This incredible organization provides judgment-free assistance for anyone facing emotional, food or financial crises in the Iowa City area. They offer crisis support, as well as assistance with rent, utilities, security deposits, birth certificates, identification, work supplies (such as boots or uniforms), clothing vouchers, bus tickets, prescriptions and even temporary mailing addresses for people experiencing homelessness.

Cross Outreach (Des Moines)

Cross Outreach provides homelessness prevention and basic needs services. Their various programs may be able to help with Iowa rent assistance, security deposit assistance, electric or water assistance, laundromat vouchers, bus tokens, personal hygiene items like toilet paper or toothpaste, and more.

Love in the Name of Christ (Mahaska County)

Love INC may be able to provide assistance with rent or rent deposits through their Mahaska Connect program. They also have a pregnancy center that offers free pregnancy tests and confidential support.

The Housing Fellowship (Johnson County)

The Housing Fellowship offers a security deposit loan program in Johnson County. The loan can help you pay for your security deposit but likely won’t cover the entire cost.



Institute of Human Services (Honolulu County)

The Institute of Human Services provides rent assistance, help with security deposits and utility deposits and more! They can even help furnish apartments, provide household goods and more.

Ka Wailele Emergency Financial Assistance Program (Statewide)

Native Hawaiians may be able to access grants of up to $1,500 to assist with past-due rent, mortgage, utilities and rental deposits. You must be able to prove Native Hawaiian ancestry, Hawai’i residency, financial hardship, and need for assistance. Native Hawaiians can receive assistance from this grant program once every two years. You can apply online at the OHA website.

The County of Maui Rental Assistance Program (Maui County)

This program helps people who live on Maui County with rental deposits, utility deposits and rent costs. It is income-dependent. To learn more about this, visit the Maui Economic Opportunity Housing Assistance program page.


Community Harvest (Kennebunk, Kennebunkport or Arundel)

Community Harvest offers limited financial assistance to residents of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport or Arundel only. They may be able to assist you with fuel, utility payments, car repair, security deposits, clothing or rent.

FAEM Housing Assistance Fund (Franklin County)

Franklin County residents who need help with housing costs, including rent and security deposits, may be able to receive up to $200 in assistance from the FAEM Housing Assistance Fund. Once you receive help, you will not be eligible again until five years after your received your grant.

Lewiston-Auburn Alliance for Services to the Homeless (Lewiston-Auburn Area)

This organization may provide rental security deposit assistance for homeless people who need to find more permanent homes.


Billings Family Service (Billings)

This organization may be able to help you catch up on rent if you have an eviction notice. Their funding is limited and you will be expected to contribute toward the overall cost. If you are eligible for Section 8, they may also be able to help you with one-time assistance toward a security deposit.

Friends of the Community Inc. (Livingston)

Friends of the Community provides many different programs that help local residents. They can assist with security deposits, furniture, household goods, gas to get to work, medications and more. It appears they may also help with Montana rent assistance.

Hope Rescue Mission (Missoula)

The Hope Rescue Mission in Montana assists with rent if you are willing to let them advocate on your behalf. They may also be able to assist with gas vouchers, rental applications, deposits, bus tickets, utilities, camping supplies, auto repair, phones, showers, clothing, food and more!

Human Resource Council (Missoula)

The Human Resource Council may be able to assist with rent. This location serves District 11, which includes Missoula, Mineral and Ravalli Counties. They have an Emergency Housing Solutions Grant (ESG) that can assist with the first month’s rent, security deposits, and utility deposits. In order to be eligible, you must be literally homeless which means that you are camping, sleeping in a vehicle, staying in a shelter or staying in a hotel paid for by a charity. You may also be eligible if you are facing eviction.

New Hampshire

Friends of Veterans

Friends of Veterans is an organization that provides assistance to veterans and their families. They serve veterans throughout New Hampshire and Vermont. They can assist with security deposits, first month’s rent, past-due rent, mortgage payments, heating fuel, electric bills, some home repairs and assistance with service dogs.

Town & City Welfare (Statewide)

New Hampshire state law requires every town and city in the state to offer a welfare program to those who need help. As such, every town and county has a welfare office that can assist with basic needs like rent, mortgage payments, utilities, food, clothing, transportation and prescriptions. The office may be able to help with basic telephone service and even consumable items like diapers, paper products and household supplies. NH Legal Aid has indicated that they should be able to assist you with a security deposit so it’s a great place to look for rental security deposit assistance!

Community Action Program (Belknap & Merrimack Counties)

This agency offers a security deposit loan guarantee. Basically, they promise the landlord that if you don’t pay your rent, they will pay the amount of the security deposit. You are required to make monthly payments toward the security deposit until it is paid in full.

Front Door Agency (Nashua area)

Front Door serves residents in Nashua, Amherst, Brookline, Hollis, Hudson, Litchfield, Lyndeborough, Merrimack, Milford, Mt. Vernon and Wilton. They can assist with one-time or short-term rent assistance, utility assistance and more. They also offer help with security deposits when funding is available.

Pelham Good Neighbor Fund

The Pelham Neighbor Fund helps Pelham residents with emergency assistance. They can assist with food, rent, utilities, medical bills and other emergencies. They also provide holiday meals and gifts for children.

Share Fund

The Share Fund can help residents in Rochester, East Rochester, Gonic, Farmington, Wakefield and Somersworth with their back rent, security deposits, mortgage payments and property taxes. They can also assist with utilities, clothing, food and diapers for households that qualify.

Southwestern Community Services (Cheshire & Sullivan Counties)

This organization offers no-interest loans for the first month’s rent and security deposits. They may also be able to help you find other housing services in the area.

North Dakota

Presentation Partners in Housing (Statewide)

This organization fights homelessness by providing one-time assistance with rent or mortgage payments. They may also assist with utilities. If you are currently homeless, they can also assist with one-time assistance for deposits to help you get into a home.


AnyDoor Yamhill (Yamhill County)

AnyDoor Yamhill provides coordinated entry to Yamhill County’s housing programs. They can help you coordinate with rental deposit assistance, housing search assistance and other Oregon rent assistance programs.

Cascade AIDS Project

The Cascade AIDS Project (CAP) serves those who are living with HIV/AIDS. If you qualify, you may be able to receive assistance with housing application fees, first month’s rent, security deposits and utilities. You may also be able to receive emergency rent assistance to avoid eviction or mortgage assistance to avoid foreclosure.

Northwest Pilot Project (Multnomah County)

Multnomah County seniors (age 55+) who are capable of independent living may be able to receive help maintaining safe and stable housing through the Northwest Pilot Project. This program can provide advocacy, permanent housing placement, and more. They can even provide assistance with move-in deposits, basic furniture and moving assistance! Rent assistance is available for eviction prevention purposes.

Once you are enrolled in their Housing Services program, you may also be able to receive assistance with transportation to medical appointments, shopping, housing-related appointments or personal business.

We Care (Benton County)

We Care can provide assistance with rent, security deposits, utilities, small medical bills, minor car repairs, and other emergencies that require financial assistance. Priority is given to first-time applicants.

South Dakota

Security Deposit Assistance Program (Statewide)

If you need help moving into a rental and can’t afford the security deposit, you may be able to get assistance from the Security Deposit Assistance Program! These funds help low income families get affordable housing. These funds are given from the USDA to the South Dakota Housing Development Authority, who passes the funds on to local Public Housing Authorities and non-profit agencies. In order to get the help, you will need to contact the SDHDA or your local Public Housing Authority for details.


Iron County Care & Share

If you live in Iron County, you may be able to get help with security deposits from Iron County Care & Share! This organization can help with rent, security deposits, utilities and even application fees.


Community Action Agencies (Statewide)

Many Community Action agencies in Vermont offer rental security deposit assistance. We were able to confirm this for the community action programs in Addison County, Caledonia County, Chittenden County, Franklin County, Grand Isle County, Lamoille County, Orange County and more.

COTS Housing Resource Center (Chittenden County)

The COTS Housing Resource Center helps those who are homeless and at risk of homelessness. They offer a Preventative Financial Grant that can be used to help with rent, mortgage payments, utilities, utility deposits and security deposits.


Youth Emergency Services Inc. (Campbell County)

Young people under the age of 25 who are behind on rent may be able to receive assistance with rent from Youth Emergency Services (YES). In order to be eligible, you must be renting and be behind on rent. You must meet other requirements as well. In some cases, the agency may be able to assist with rental application fees and moving costs as well.

Christina Trent

Friday 17th of May 2024

Trying to get help with a security deposit. $1350

Catherine Marucci

Wednesday 12th of June 2024

Hi Christina. If the resources above are not useful in your area, it may be worth calling 211 to see if they know of anything else.

Jane M Smith

Monday 25th of March 2024

I’m in desperate need of a security deposit because of the past apartment of 9 years was sold to a very “ abusive” landlord and I had to leave. I am now homeless with my therapy dog and I have an apartment lined up although I do not have any security deposit due to the new landlord! PLEASE HELP ME! I am in Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania and I don’t see any help for my area. I’m so desperate, I am on ssi for disability and my poor therapy dog is not doing very well either. Thank you in advance. Jane Smith

Catherine Marucci

Thursday 28th of March 2024

Hi Jane. Have you tried calling 211? They may know of other resources in your area.


Tuesday 26th of December 2023

i live in charlotte,nc wo help with security deposit

Catherine Marucci

Tuesday 26th of December 2023

Hi Robbin. If the resources above are not helpful, it may be worth calling 211 to see if they know of any other options.

Catherine Marucci

Tuesday 17th of October 2023

Hi. The waiting lists can be long! Here are some other options that may be worth looking into: \

Catherine Marucci

Saturday 10th of June 2023

Hi Elizabeth. I'm so sorry you're having to go through so much right now. Have you tried calling 211 already? They usually know about local programs and services.