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How to Save Money on Your Duke Energy Ohio bill!

How to Save Money on Your Duke Energy Ohio bill!

Duke Energy Ohio customers can get significant savings on their monthly Duke Energy bills! Duke supplies and delivers electricity to nearly 7.4 million residential homes across the United States. The company generates around 52,700 megawatts of power in the Midwest, Florida, and the Carolinas.


They also provide natural gas distribution services that serve well over 1.5 million customers in Tennessee, Kentucky, the Carolinas, and Ohio. If you’re a Duke Energy Ohio customer, you’ve most likely thought about how to save money on your Duke Energy bill. Fortunately for you, the research has already been done, and this is what we found out.

Keep away from random high bills during the year.

Like most energy companies, Duke Energy offers a smart budget billing program that helps to regulate your annual statements. In other words, you will have an adjusted monthly payment that will help to control your energy spending. How do they come up with a monthly fee? Mainly, they take your previous year bills and divide them by 12 to get your estimated monthly bill.

By using a budget billing plan, you will have the same payment for 11 months with no hidden surprises. Then, you will have a month to settle up the remaining balance; or, you could choose their quarterly plan where there is an adjustment made every three months. By doing so, you will help to eliminate the settle-up month.

Participate in the Energy Assessment Program!

This energy assessment program offers a free energy specialist walkthrough to help customers see what can help lower their electric bill. As part of this energy saver program, customers may be given up to 16 energy saving products without any cost to them. Some of these products are energy-efficient light bulbs, air conditioning and heating filters, water-saving shower heads, and faucet aerators.


Save $35 by participating in Energy Management! Energy management reduces your air conditioning when the electricity is in high demand for homeowners. By doing so, you will get around $35 off your bill whenever the Power Manager device cycles. When you become part of this program, Duke Energy Ohio will install a load management switch for free on the exterior of your home right beside the air conditioner unit. This switch will allow easy excess to turn off and on your air conditioner. The cycling times are often during the weekdays in the early afternoon to early evening, May through September.

Save On Energy Efficient Lighting! With star LEDs you will use 90 percent less energy than conventional light bulbs.

Low income Duke Energy Ohio customers can save even more!

Income-Qualified Services help customers with ways to save energy and reduce expenses. These energy improvements are free if you qualify under the Federal Poverty Guidelines and are an active customer of Duke Energy Ohio. The program includes weatherization, heating and cooling, and refrigerator replacement.

Weatherization Program assists low-income customers in reducing their energy expenses. Generally, the services include installing insulation, replacing light bulbs with LED lights, seal up any air leaks, and a tune-up or repair heating and cooling systems.

Heating and Cooling Services will replace your outdated inoperable heating system for those who qualify within the Federal Poverty Guidelines. To be eligible for this energy replacement program your household income must be under the 175 percent Federal Poverty Guidelines. This maintenance service is an income-qualified program geared towards helping disabled or elderly customers with cleaning or replacing their HVAC units.

Refrigerator Replacement is for single or multifamily residential homes that are a customer of Duke Energy Ohio. You must have 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines to have your inefficient refrigerator replaced.

The Ohio LIHEAP program is known as the Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP); it provides aid to eligible residents of Ohio with energy efficiency for their homes. Those who choose to be part of this program are likely to receive a home inspection to identify the household weatherization needs. To be eligible, you must be under the 200 percent Federal Poverty Guideline. To apply for this program just contact Duke Energy for assistance.


Get paid when utilizing the Smart Saver Program!

Smart Saver is a home improvement rebate program that can make your home cozy. With this program, you can increase the air quality in your home, regulate and fix the temperature, and double check that your equipment is running correctly. For instance, by installing an HVAC unit, you will get up to $200 rebate.

By putting in an updated energy-efficient unit into your home, you could also save approximately 40 percent on your energy bill. You can also receive rebates when you install a heat pump water heater, insulate and seal the attic or ductwork, and replace your pool pump with an energy star pump. To take advantage of these rebates look on their website for further information.

Save even MORE money in Ohio!