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Get Help With Your Edisto Electric Bill

Get Help With Your Edisto Electric Bill

Edisto Electric customers who are struggling to pay their bills may find they are better able to do so with the unique payment options offered by the company. If you are in an emergency situation or your electric is at risk of getting shut off, you may be able to qualify for other programs.

Make Your Life Easier with Payment Options

Edisto Electric is able to use your monthly average to calculate what your bill will be. Their Levelized Billing program allows you to have the same bill month after month. You can protect yourself from huge surges in your bill or nasty surprises by taking advantage of the levelized billing program. If you know what you’ll be paying each month, you can be better prepared for the bill to come in.

Customers who are on Social Security or Disability may be able to be better protected if they cannot afford their bill. Edisto Electric has a program in place for those who are on these assistance programs. They will allow customers to pay their bill when they get paid. You may be eligible for the program simply by being on SSI or SSDI.

While there is no official program offered by Edisto Electric, customers who are having trouble paying their bill may contact the company to learn about what options may be available to them. The company may have different resources for different situations, but customers who call early may have a better chance of getting assistance or extensions.

Need Help Paying Your Edisto Electric Bill? We Found Help!

South Carolina LIHEAP offers customers assistance on their energy bill. The program can reduce the total cost of energy bills, can help during an energy crisis and may be able to help you make your home more energy efficient. The program has an application process that can be completed at your local assistance office.

The Palmetto Community Action Partnership can help you pay your electric bill. They have emergency services as well as services to help you with your bill on a monthly basis. The program is designed to help customers who not only need help with their bill. They can also give help to those who need help applying for other programs that will help them pay their bill.

Get Free Home Improvements on Your Edisto Electric Bill!

Whether you live in Charleston or Dorchester County, you can take advantage of weatherization programs. These programs may be able to help you lower your electric bills. They can provide you with appliances, light bulbs and other fixtures that are energy efficient. Using these in your home can drastically reduce your electric bill.

While the company does not provide any type of assistance to purchase energy-efficient appliances, Edisto Electric offers a worksheet you can use. It will help you determine where your high energy costs are coming from. You can use this in conjunction with weatherization services to help you determine where you need to look to make changes to your electric consumption. Having this sheet may help you become better aware of where you can save energy.

Avoid Shutoff with These Resources

The Tricounty Family Ministries offers customers of Edisto Electric a chance to pay their bills if they are at risk of having their electric shut off. The community action program was designed to make sure they could help families who were in need or who were struggling. You should take your electric bill with you to learn if you are eligible for the emergency electric assistance.

The South Carolina Access program is designed for people who need help paying their bills. They can provide resources to help you if your bill is too high or if your power is going to be shut off. They have an application process.

Save Even More on Your Edisto Electric Bill

Using each of these services can help you with an emergency power bill or a power bill that is simply too high for you to pay. To help yourself from getting to that point again, consider using our favorite energy saving tips. The tips can help you lower your bill and may help prevent you from getting in this situation again.

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