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How to Save Money on Visiting Maine State Parks

How to Save Money on Visiting Maine State Parks

Maine state parks have a lot of nature to offer, but visiting the parks can be really costly. There are ways you can save money and even ways you can get into the park for totally free!


Save money on Maine state parks.

Even though admission to the state parks can be pricey at $9 per visit per person, you can save money by purchasing a yearly pass. The pass allows you to save money by buying upfront. Even though the prices may seem like a lot up front, they’re less than the cost for a family of four to visit three times! If you plan to only visit the park by yourself, a $55 individual pass is your best bet. Families can save money by purchasing a vehicle pass for $105. The vehicle pass allows you to visit as many times as you like and with your whole family.

If you purchase your park pass for the following year in August, the remainder of the year is included. For example, if you purchase your 2019 park pass when it becomes available in August of 2018, you’ll have all of 2019 plus August through December of 2018 for free. If you’ve never had a Maine state parks pass before, it’s like getting a third of a year for free!

Beat cabin fever during the harsh Maine winters! Maine state parks give you a chance to visit in the winter for a lower price. Sometimes, you may even be able to take advantage of free winter days. The parks offer different activities like snow hikes and winter nature demonstrations all winter long.

Get into the parks for free.

In an effort to help families get into Maine state parks and enjoy spending time with each other a little more, the parks offer free admission on Father’s Day each year. Families can spend time visiting the parks together on that Sunday or dads and their kids can head out on an adventure. You don’t have to be a dad or even have kids to get into the parks for free on Father’s Day. However, you do have to be a Maine resident. Free admission on Father’s Day does not include camping, swimming pools or any other extras that you would typically have to pay for.


Seniors get into the parks for free every day of the year. You must apply for your free senior pass through the state parks. You can do it on the website or at a location, but you will receive your pass immediately if you apply at the park. Maine state parks do not require seniors to have a pass to get in for free, but you’ll have to show proof of age to get into the park if you don’t have a pass.

Disabled veterans, veterans and active duty military members all get into Maine state parks for free. Disabled veterans get extra perks like free camping and other activities. Veterans and active duty military members may only use the free entrance for themselves, but there are some instances where their dependents can go camping for free. Dependents are included with the free park admission for disabled veterans, veterans and active duty military members. If you qualify for any of these things, you may also get discounts on other things in the park like concessions, swimming and additional activities.

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There are fun activities in Maine state parks for everyone.

The passport program at Maine state parks gets you free stuff. No matter which state park you’re visiting, you can get stamps for your passport. The cost for the passport is $1 and the program runs all year. If you have just a few stamps, you get free things like patches and stickers. The more stamps you have, the more valuable the prizes. You can move up from things like water bottles to free nights of camping. Earning even more stamps will get you a free year pass at Maine state parks!

The kid’s programs at Maine state parks allow children the chance to visit the state parks and interact with wildlife around them. Not only do the Rangers offer learning opportunities for kids visiting the parks but they also offer them the chance to do fun activities they can enjoy. The activities range from scavenger hunts to even crosswords and other things kids can do while interacting with nature. All kids activities are included free with your admission to the state parks.

Not only will you receive free kids activities, but adults can also do things at Maine state parks. From bird watching to conservation information and everything in between, your admission to the state parks gives you so much more than just a hike around nature. Enjoy all the options Maine state parks have and check out the recreational activities they offer each month.

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