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Get the Help You Need to Pay Your Satilla REMC Bill

Get the Help You Need to Pay Your Satilla REMC Bill

Is your Satilla REMC bill too much? If you’re struggling to pay your power bill, you have options. Getting help with your bill can make your life so much easier!

Need help paying your Satilla REMC bill? We found it!

Using the LIHEAP benefit program can help you save money on your utility bills. The program is intended for low-income families and provides you with some relief from the high cost of energy bills. It is for use during the heating season and automatically credits your electric account with money. The amount will usually not cover your entire bill, but it can offset the bill by a lot.

Even though Satilla REMC doesn’t offer an official payment extension or arrangement program, you may be able to set up arrangements through the company. If you contact them with your information on the amount you have in income, you may be able to get your bill extended.

Avoid shut-off with these resources

The Salvation Army is a helpful resource for those struggling with utility bills. The Georgia Salvation Army may help with a portion of your bill. Generally, they only help people out once per year making you ineligible if you’ve already received help from them. You’ll have to show your utility bill and proof of your need to get the help. Funds may not always be available.

The Catholic Charities may help you pay your utility bill. You may need to provide them with proof of need or with a shut-off notice. The charity only helps when they have funds available. While they do not require you to be a member of the Catholic church, you should expect some religious information when using their services. You can also get counseling services to help you improve your financial situation.

Satilla REMC has helpful payment options

To help counteract high energy bills during the winter and summer months, Satilla REMC offers levelized billing. The billing allows you to have a good idea of what your bill will be each month. The company bases it on your average amount over a year. While there may be slight variations in your bill from month-to-month, you likely won’t have huge fluctuations.

If you struggle to pay your bill, the prepay program may help you. You can prepay for your energy. When you’re getting close to running out, Satilla REMC will remind you it’s time to re-up again. If you know you’re getting low, you can reduce your energy usage until you’re able to re-up.

Get free upgrades and save on your bill

The weatherization assistance program is a free program for low-income Georgia residents. It can help you make your home easier to heat and cool. It can also make your home more energy efficient based on the things you normally have in your home. If approved, you’ll receive a free energy audit and upgrades to things like your insulation and heating systems. You will need to apply for weatherization through your local assistance office.

Satilla REMC offers a free DIY energy audit. You can use their tools that help you understand where your energy usage is coming from. By looking at all the ways you use energy, you can reduce them. The energy audit tool also offers free and low-cost solutions to high usage in different areas throughout your home.

If you had to purchase a new appliance or even new light bulbs, Satilla REMC may help with rebates and incentives. They have a helpful tool that will help you find out whether your purchases qualify for any type of rebate.

Customers who do not qualify for weatherization or who need more help with energy efficiency may want to consider Satilla REMC’s finance option for energy efficiency in their homes. The low-interest loan provides you with the money you need to make your home more energy efficient right now. The loan is subject to credit approval. Keep in mind you will have the pay the loan back. While the loan repayment can be added to your bill, it will make your Satilla REMC bill higher.

More than electric: Satilla REMC gives back

Satilla REMC awards scholarships to those who are interested in a career in the energy industry. They offer two different scholarship options for students who have a need and students who have demonstrated merit for the scholarship. The scholarships they offer vary each year but can be up to $5,000 toward education.

By offering demonstrations throughout their service area, Satilla REMC helps the community not only learn more about energy but also more about energy efficiency. The programs are for both adults and children who are interested. The demonstrations are free and sometimes include free goodies just for attending.

To further connect with the community, Satilla REMC published a cookbook that’s available online for free. The cookbook is filled with employee and customer favorite recipes. Many of the recipes include affordable ingredients and are easy to cook.

Save even more on your Satilla REMC bill

Saving money on your power bill doesn’t have to be expensive. These are our best tips for lowering your energy usage and saving on your power bill!

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