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Save Money at Nebraska State Parks

Save Money at Nebraska State Parks

Nebraska state parks are some of the most modern and innovative state parks in the country. Not only do they feature traditional state park activities like camping and boating, but many state parks also have fun features for you and your family. From zipline courses to state-of-the-art aquatic centers, places like E.T. Mahoney offer your family a chance to experience fun on a budget.

Even with the budget pricing offered at Nebraska state parks, a day or weekend visit with your family can really add up. We found ways for you to save money!

Getting a permit for Nebraska state parks is relatively affordable compared to other state parks.

You do not have to pay per-person to get into the park. Instead, you must pay per vehicle to drive into the park and use the parking areas. All Nebraska state parks charge the same flat fee. The daily fee for a single-use permit is $6 for residents of Nebraska and $8 for non-residents.

If you plan to visit Nebraska state parks more than five times per year, you can save money by purchasing a yearly pass. They are affordable at $31 for residents and $46 for non-residents. You can visit any park with the permit, but some activities may cost extra.

Veterans and seniors could save money while at the parks! 

If you are a senior or a veteran, you might be able to get a fishing pass at the NE state parks for just $5! This can help you save money since you need a fishing permit at the state parks! While you must be resident of Nebraska, there is no residency time requirement.

Seniors and veterans may qualify for additional savings on camping, extra activities, and hunting when they’re visiting Nebraska state parks. Each state park has different policies on reduced rates for the additional activities.

Fish or Visit Nebraska State Parks for Free in the Spring!

To help get people into parks and ready for the upcoming summer season, Nebraska state parks offer free admission on the Saturday before Memorial Day. All parks across the state offer this every year, but there are some activities that are usually not open. Most pools and aquatic centers along with lakeside beaches do not open until memorial day. Every other activity in the parks, including fishing, is free for adults and children. You are not required to carry a park permit on the free admission days. Residents of Nebraska and non-residents all get free admission.

Free Education Comes with Nebraska State Park Permits

While children must have a park permit to get into the park, the aquatic education classes are free. They are offered at most of the state parks through their education and outreach centers. Different classes go on at different times of the year and are held in different areas. Some classes are indoors while others are outside.

In addition to aquatic-specific programs, Nebraska state parks also offer free outdoors education for kids who are visiting the parks. The program teaches them about outdoors safety, what to look for while hiking, and how to have the best time outside while visiting Nebraska state parks.

Fun Free Things for Kids in Nebraska State Parks

Even though Nebraska state parks hasn’t partnered with Kids In Parks yet, your child can join the program for free. They can use it freestyle to get the same gifts and prizes other kids get for joining the program in participating states. All you need to do is use the backyard track to help your kids complete trails and exciting adventures in Nebraska state parks. They can then turn these adventures into prizes like backpacks and safety kits.

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Wednesday 27th of March 2019

Seniors who are over 65 years old and veterans qualify for a drastically reduce park pass. Both seniors and veterans can get a yearly pass for only $5 per year. While you must be resident of Nebraska, there is no residency time requirement.

Wrong, called the Parks Dept and they said NO, it's $31 for a park access permit.

Chloe Skupnick

Wednesday 27th of March 2019

Hey, I'm Chloe and I wrote this article almost a year ago.

Thank you so much for letting us know about the price for annual passes. I wanted to personally check up on this because when I wrote the article, it was all up to date information. Unfortunately, it looks like Nebraska no longer has a $5 pass for seniors and the only discount they give is for seniors who want fishing passes :(

I'm updating the information in the article right now so others will be able to see the most accurate information.

Again, thank you for catching this!