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Save Money at Nevada State Parks

Save Money at Nevada State Parks

Since Nevada state parks have so many activities for you and your family to do, they’re a great way to spend an afternoon or weekend. While visiting state parks are rewarding, they can be costly. Even a simple picnic can cost your family a lot of money. We found ways you can save money while visiting Nevada state parks!

Save on Nevada State Park Fees

Nevada state parks all have different fees. Some parks charge by the carload while others charge per person. It may cost anywhere from $3 to $20 to get into the park. While purchasing an annual pass can save you money, they still are pricy at $75 to $200 per year.

Disabled people can save $1 per entrance fee when they visit the parks. They must show a handicapped placard or other proof of disability to get the reduced daily rate. Nevada state parks do not offer reduced fees on annual passes for those who are disabled. Some people who are disabled and have contacted the main office for a discount on an annual pass in the past have reported success.

Veterans with a service-connected disability of at least 10% can receive an annual Nevada state park pass for $30 per year. The pass is technically free but state requires $30 for administrative fees.

Seniors may also qualify for a $30 annual pass. Seniors must have lived in Nevada for at least five years to receive the pass. They are also required to pay a $30 administrative fee to process their “free” pass.

Participate in Nevada’s Passport Challenge for a FREE pass!

Nevada’s passport challenge gets you a year free at Nevada state parks! If you have a Nevada state park passport and visit all 15 parks in one year, you will get a free annual pass for the following year.

You must have your passport stamped when you visit the park. Only paid entrance to the park will be stamped. Since you can get your park stamped any time you visit the park, you may only have to pay for the first year of visiting parks. Just use your free pass the next year to get your passport stamped at all the parks!

There are a lot of fun things to do in Nevada State Parks!

While not all events at the parks are free, most are included with your admission to state parks. Nevada state parks offer guided hikes, yoga and educational opportunities for families and children. The parks also offer some free community days where they waive the entrance fee into the park.

There are special programs just for kids!

Children can join the Nevada state parks junior ranger program. The programs are free for children and allow them to learn about wildlife and the nature surrounding each of the parks. Children who join the ranger program at one park will automatically be enrolled in the program at the rest of the state parks. They can get free perks and classes at the parks just for being enrolled in the program.

Coming soon…Nevada only has a little longer to wait for free passes for fifth graders! There is only one more step to get the bill passed that allows fifth graders into state parks for free. The program is set up similar to other “Kids in Park” at state and national park levels. It allows fifth graders and their families to visit Nevada state parks for a whole year for free. The state parks website will announce when it’s here!

National Parks in Nevada

In addition to Nevada state parks, the state also offers four different national parks. Click here for information about getting a FREE or cheap National Parks Pass!

Get Even More Free Things in Nevada!