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Having Trouble Paying Your Eversource Energy Bill? We Found Help!

Having Trouble Paying Your Eversource Energy Bill? We Found Help!

Do you struggle each month to pay your Eversource bill? You don’t have to live like that anymore. There are options you can take advantage of to help you pay your bill!

Eversource Has Payment Options for Customers

Eversource offers payment plans to help you pay your bill without having your service shut off. The payment plan will give you a chance to get caught up on currently due and past due balances. Not all customers will qualify for payment plans. You will need to log into your account to check your eligibility.

Gas customers are also able to apply for a payment plan. The payment plan can help keep your gas service on. You will need to log in and apply for the plan.

If you are in a hardship situation, Eversource may be able to help you avoid shut off. Their hardship arrangements can help customers make sure they are able to pay their bill. The payment arrangement will allow customers the chance to split a past due balance up over a period of time to reduce the burden of paying it.

Save Even More on Your Eversource Bill

Eversource offers so many state-specific benefits to its customers that it was difficult to write this all up in a single post.  Click your state from the list below to see what extra benefits are available for you!

Cutting down on your electric usage is a great way to save money. We put all our favorite ways to reduce your energy and save money right here!

Other Cool Things Eversource Offers Customers

Your kids can learn about electricity with the free E-smart kid’s site. The site features fun games and videos. It teaches kids about everything from how to save energy to how to be safe around electricity.

 Get More Free Things Anywhere!

New Hampshire residents can find ways to save money and get free things!

Click here if you’re in Connecticut and want more free things or ways to save money!